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Comfort Hosting for your travel website

Tripcook offers to its Privileged Members a mechanism to host their travel websites. It is called Comfort Hosting and intended for travel businesses who have already designed a website or are now creating one and need a simple and easy-to-set-up solution to publish their web pages on the Internet. It can also be used for existing travel businesses who are looking for a cheaper hosting solution.

How people use hosting services and how hosting companies (ab)use people

Fact No.1
Over 95% of website owners have no idea about hosting
Most of the people who pay for hosting have very vague idea about how hosting works, what it does and why one hosting company is better than another. We are all consumed with our business and just want our website to be online and running.

Fact No.2
A website owner just accepts someone else's opinion for hosting
Usually website owners take advice of the person or company who designed their website regarding which hosting company and hosting plan to choose. Such designer may be long gone and forgotten, and yet the hosting plan stays for years because the owner is just afraid to touch it as long as it works...
Fact No.3
Usually a travel website owner OVERPAYS for hosting
About 99% of all travel websites need just basic hosting features and minimal server resources. Yet their owners buy sophisticated plans intended for high traffic projects. It is like buying a night in a hotel room just to wash your hands in its WC room. Very good for hosting companies but not too good for a website owner.
Fact No.4
Hosting problems are really stressful for a website owner
Did you ever wake up in the morning and realized that your travel website is down? No clients are calling, coming, or sending emails? Office email is not working? It can be a real stress. To resolve the issue, unless you are a hosting expert, you will have to find the person who advised to buy this specific hosting and ask him/her to deal with it. Or, you contact the hosting support just to hear that some technical quota is exceeded...
Fact No.5
Hosting companies can be saboteurs
Most hosters desire to have a client with minimal needs but maximum pay. If you are a growing travel website, your demand for server resources may grow in time as more people visit it. In this case the hoster would QUIETLY decrease your available resources or start sending notices that a script is consuming too much resources. They may suggest that you buy a more expensive plan.
Fact No.6
Change of hoster can be real pain
For an unexperienced person, changing the hoster can be a nightmare. Disruption of service, loss of clients and visitors, possible removal from Google search while your website is offline. Then, a better new hosting must be found and it must be at least a little better than the previous one. And finally, website transfer. You will need a specialist to relocate your site to a new server.

The Comfort Hosting offered by Tripcook will solve the above issues easily. It has the following features:
Intended for travel website owners with zero knowledge of hosting platforms, CPANEL, Linux-based servers, FTP, web programming etc. You will not need all these to have your website running.
Quick and free-of-charge assessment whether your website meets the requirements of Tripcook Comfort Hosting. Done by our Website Assistant (tech specialist) based on your request.
Quick setup for your website. Our Website Assistant will review your current hosting and website requirements and set up all needed components on the new server.
Easy and free-of-charge transfer from your existing hoster. The Website Assistant will help make the transfer a smooth and painless experience, with minimal or zero outage time.
Adaptive management of your hosting. If we see that your website grew out of existing environment, our specialists will automatically upgrade it to the required level.
Twelve (12) instances of website hosting support per year included. Use them if you need to upload a new design, or manage your email accounts etc.

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