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How to add a company on Tripcook

Travel industry companies and individuals from all over the world can be listed on Tripcook.

Who can be listed?

Any travel-related organization, company, agency, hotel, transportation provider, association or individual travel specialist from any country. If you have several travel businesses, you can list an UNLIMITED number of such.

Listing Requirements
All listings are subject to approval by moderators. This means that only high quality travel businesses are accepted.
1. Travel business profile must be complete, contact details provided, activities described
2. Correct travel category must be chosen
3. If indicated in the form, your travel website or a page in social networks must be online, not under construction.

How to get listed

After registration, add your business details, then submit the listing for moderation. Moderation is a paid service, the current cost of moderation is 10 USD.

Step 1
Register on Tripcook. This is a simple procedure and it will take only a minute. All you need to register is a valid e-mail address.

Step 2
Fill in the form in your Account describing all aspects of your travel company. Be accurate and include as many details about your company and activities as possible. After this step and further approval, your listing becomes visible on Tripcook.

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