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How your travel business can offer its clients a win of 50 000 Euro

Who is eligible?

Any paid member listed on Tripcook.

How does it work

Step 1
Get registered on Tripcook.

Step 2
Become a paid member by paying the Membership Fee. See more about Membership Plans or Payment Methods in your account to continue with payment.

When payment is processed by our staff, 49 lottery tickets are made available in your Tripcook Account.

Step 3
Collect lottery tickets from your Account to give them to your travel clients as a bonus freely provided by your travel business. Every time you use up one ticket from your account, your User balance is decremented (reduced by one (1) dollar).

About the lottery

Tripcook partners with MBLOTTO.COM to provide its members with an exclusive marketing tool.
  • Players use lottery tickets (codes) to register and play in the lottery
  • One lottery ticket's cost is 12 Euro, allowing to play in four (4) lottery cycles
  • The grand prize is 50000 Euro. In each cycle (daily) the grand prize or additional prizes or consolation prizes can be won
  • Even if the player does not win in the four consecutive cycles, s/he can still win consolation prizes in further cycles which allow to play again and again. This makes MBLOTTO a LIFETIME lottery.

Video explaining how it works for travel business

Tripcook has partnered with Clientbonus to get the Bonus Package for its members. See their presentation below:

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