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Membership on Tripcook

There are four membership levels on Tripcook: Free Membership, Free Reciprocal Membership, Paid Advanced Membership and Paid Privileged Membership.

Level 1 - Free Membership (M1)

This is a free-of-charge service, only registration is needed. Free Members may add their travel businesses into our database and get immediate visibility. Free Members are subject to certain limitations, see Membership Comparison Table below for more details.

Level 2 - Free Reciprocal Membership (M2)

To get this, you will need to publish a link to Tripcook on your website. This is a free membership, yet it provides more useful functions than just the regular free membership. See how to get Free Reciprocal Membership in more details.

Level 3 - Paid Advanced Membership (M3)

A Lifetime Membership Fee of 24 USD is applicable. See Account after registration.

This level allows better access to the features on Tripcook. These include adding a limited number of Travel Products and Travel Articles with dofollow links on Tripcook. Direct Travel Requests are received by default.

Level 4 - Paid Privileged Membership (M4)

An Annual Membership Fee of 49 USD is applicable. See Account after registration.

A Privileged Member on Tripcook is entitled to all paid features plus services of a Personal Assistant - a web specialist who will assist you in resolving possible issues related to your website, travel products, travel articles, and adding content and links.

Membership Types Comparison Table

FeaturesFree Membership
Free Reciprocal Membership
Lifetime Advanced Membership
24 USD
Annual Privileged Membership
49 USD
- -
- -
- -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- -
- - -

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