The capital city of India, Delhi, is not just its political hot seat but is also a well-known tourist destination for the tourists from all over the world. It is a potpourri of religion, traditions, culture, food and much more. The historical as well as cultural monuments of the city are a proof of its rich past. Every year thousands of visitors travel to this metropolitan city to explore its rich historical past through its magnificent buildings. To meet the preferences as well as the needs of all kinds of tourists, there are a number of hotels in Delhi, which are perfect accommodation options that offer every modern-day luxury.

But with the kind of diversity Delhi has to offer, exploration of the city can be quite a daunting task for a first-timer, especially if you are from a foreign land. Moreover, some recent criminal incidents in the past have put Delhi in a bad light. Considering, anything can happen anywhere, if you follow some simple tips, Delhi can be as safe a city as anywhere else in the world. This article enlists a few travel tips for first timers to make their visit to this amazing city a great unforgettable experience:

• You should do all the bookings such as tickets, hotel etc, well in advance to avoid any last minute hassle. Make sure that you have a planned itinerary, it would lessen the confusion to a large extent. Try to avoid shady hotels, if it is your first visit.

• Another important thing is that before coming to Delhi, you must register yourself with the embassy of your country, located here in the capital city.

• You must be wary of guide touts and unlicensed agents while you on a city excursion or while you are shopping. Try to keep to your own self. While visiting markets, remember that there is a huge scope for bargaining.

• Do not keep all your money in one place only. Scatter it in different pockets. Also keep your purse or wallet at a safe place, mainly while you are at a crowded place or while you are using public transport.

• You should book a guide from the government tourism body only. In case, you are not doing so and are facing any sort of confusion, it is best that instead of asking from any local, just consult the traffic policeman or the PCR vans. However, the best is to keep local tour guides which are available at every book shop.

• If you are a female traveler then you must try to dress appropriately. Try to stick to your group, not exchange your numbers or personal details with a stranger or try to be over-confident. Being extra alert is always helpful. Stay away from over-friendly people. Avoid moving out alone in the late hours.

• You must also keep an online copy as well as a photocopy of all your important documents such as tickets, identity proofs and so on.

• It is best to visit Delhi during the months of October to March, when the weather is pleasant. During the other months, Delhi heat is unbearable.

• It is best to stay away from junk food, if you digestive system is delicate. Avoid consuming openly cut fruits. Keep a mineral water bottle with yourself.

• If you want to avoid using public transportation, then for intra-city travelling, you can book a radio-cab from a reputed agency. However, Delhi metro is the safest option which you can opt for, and is a great experience too.