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Chernobyl trip

Trip to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant /NPP/ zone is organized with aim to receive additional financing for removing consequences of the explosion. Chernobyl tour is popular among the tourists traveling to Ukraine.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station
Chernobyl-tour it is not only the excursion - it is the real life of the radioactiv zone of the explosion. The basic purpose of the trip - the city of Pripyat where it is planned to spend not less than 3 hours. Route within the zone provides visiting Chernobyl, seeing of Chernobyl power station and construction known as "Cower" ("Sarcophagus"), dead town of Pripyat and other cities connected with removing consequences of the explosion. Pass the checkpoint “Dytyatky” and enter the “exclusion zone”. Visit to the site of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – an enterprise once employed more than 8000 staff. Observe object “Sarcophagus”- concrete-and-steel shelter covering the radioactive masses and debris left after the explosion. Experience the peace and quiet of the ghost-town Prypyat – all 50000 inhabitants had to abandon their homes the next day after the disaster. Explore the “dead town”, deserted buildings, apartments, schools, hotels, kinder gardens. Level of the radioactivity security during the tour corresponds to international standards. Duration of the tours is 1 day (leaving Kyiv in the morning and returning in the evening). Excursion should be booked not less five days before.

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