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Medeo Skating and Ski Resort, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Medeo Skating resort is one of the favorite places for Almaty citizens to spend their holidays and vacations. Because it is located close to the city (about 30 km) and is connected with the city center by a direct four-lanes highway, well-paved and regulated, it is very easy to go out to Medeo for a city break.

The Medeo facility itself is mainly used as outdoor Skating rink, for competitions and training. Lots of people usually crowd this rink, whether skating or playing ball hockey.

Medeo Skating Rink

Rink as it looks from funicular

When you arrive in Medeo, the first thing you see is the funicular station. It is big, and the rope itself is several kilometers long, with two intermediary stops, where you will need to change the car.

Entrance to Medeo Cable Road

Photo from funicular

Resort facilities

Boutique Restaurant uphill

Wooden Walking Ground

Riding funicular car

The area is pretty well equipped to provide for rich leisure experience. There is a big indoor & outdoor restaurant with decent cuisine, including Japanese and sea products menus, and sitting outside on a sunny day is a great expereince though chilly at times.

Live music

People having fun

You can order Japanese sushi and enjoy your meals while listening to a local band with mixed Western repertoir.

near the restaurant

Funicular leading further up

While riding uphill in a closed funicular car, pretty warm, safe and comfortable, you start to notice immediately the signs of two deadly wind attacks that happened in Almaty in July 2011 and caused serious damage to the city itself and to the national park in particular, sweeping down thousands of century-old pine trees, once the pride of the Medeo national park.

Famous medeo pine trees

Some signs of wind storm emerge

More fallen and uprooted trees

Hurricane wreckage

Amazingly, some parts seem intact

A small chunk that was hit

Scene of total devastation

All trees are down

Some people say, including scientists from the National Park, that full restoration of the vegetation to the pre-hurricane state may take several decades...

Still, there is a lot to see, do and enjoy in the Medeo area. Below are some photos of lodging facilities, small villas with all amenities awaiting you.

mountain road

Nice place to spend a week-end

More villas and lodges

More villas and lodges

More villas and lodges

More villas and lodges

Despite the recent problems with weather and hurricanes, Medeo still remains the preferred destination for Almaty citizens.

One of ski slopes

In the wood

More wild nature


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