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What is Tripcook Alliance

Tripcook Alliance is a tool that offers a range of financial services to travel businesses across the world. Use it if you want to increase profits, plan taxes and help outscore competition. It is free to join, and can be used at any moment convenient for your business.

Below is a brief description of what Tripcook Alliance does:
Reliable, convenient and secure travel intermediary to involve when you have to deal with your partners abroad
Effective and legally impeccable tool to plan and optimize your taxes, incomes and costs
Payment gateway utilizing the best of what there is in the international business transaction mechanisms.
A tool to safeguard your clientele from your competitors or business partners where temporary partnerships are formed.

How much does it cost?

The Tripcook Alliance is 100% free-of-charge to join. No entrance fees or hidden costs. At this moment it is available to ALL types of members on Tripcook including Free Members. You will need to have a listed and approved travel profile on Tripcook to actually start using the mechanism.

Learn more to start

In order to learn more about the Tripcook Alliance, its benefits and usage requirements, get registered with Tripcook. As soon as you are logged in, you will have access to a downloadable PDF file in your Account with a detailed description of the Tripcook Alliance mechanisms and usage examples.
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