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Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

In the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, on the famous Coconut Coast, the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet with the Caribbean sea, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors from across the world. This area is popular for its chain of lavish resorts stretching along the coast, totaling over 30 kilometers in length.

Visitors to this area are offered a great selection of various activities related to swimming such as zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

Punta Cana Spa

Visiting Punta Cana

The Punta Cana area is rich in various activities and attractions that it can offer to its guests. One interesting highlight among various tours and activities in Punta Cana is the so called tour of Pirate Islands where you will get a challenge to find the treasure map and explore the land and snorkel underwater of the Manta Rays and Shark Island.

Pleasures for your body in Punta Cana

Together with various activities and swimming delights that are available on this coast, you can also let your body relax through a set of ocean spa in Punta Cana and wellness activities offered by Dr. Fish Ocean Spa.

The program is implemented onboard a catamaran, including a set of activities to revitalize your body.

Pleasant massage is accompanied with music and treats/drinks that will make you feel in paradise. It is a great way to replenish the vital energy that was depleted by the buzzy and stressful life of modern cities.

Swimming with dolphins

A swim with dolphins in Punta Cana is one of the favorite treats for every guest coming to the island, be it a single, family or family with kids. The most friendly species in the whole ocean, dolphins are ideal partners in water to swim, play or make fun.

The program of entertainment with dolphins includes:

* Hand target

* Hug

* Song

* Dance

* Water splash

* Anatomy

Playing with dolphins is not just a good way to entertain yourself, but also a touch to the nature and a medicine to calm your nerve and open a new horizon.

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