Nestled between the Himalayas, Bhutan is known as the Himalayan Kingdom of Happiness that not only attracts tourists for its picturesque setting, enchanting monasteries and intriguing culture but also draws huge number of travelers to witness unique and authentic festivals. You can beautifully explore as well as will find out a striking balance between modern technology and age-old customs, traditions & culture with tailor-made Bhutan cultural tour packages. Whereas, a well planned and customized tour will help you in understanding and witnessing various festivals celebrated in Bhutan.

Understanding Bhutan Festivals:

Festivals in Bhutan spreads a spirit of festivity, reverence, celebration and blessing as well as considered to be one of the best ways to delve deep into rich cultural heritage. Performances by monks in elaborate and colorful costumes bring sheer blessings to the onlookers. Onlookers get an opportunity of understanding Buddhist Dharma by watching the masked dances or sword dances performed by the participants or monks. People carving for a holiday or vacation for a mystical and beautiful destination are found attracted towards Bhutan incredible, friendly and spiritual ambience.

Most Unique Way of Celebrating Bhutan Festivals that Draws Tourists across the Globe:

It is found that in Bhutan festivals are celebrated at different times of the year and places. Bhutan festival is locally known as Tshechu, comes in a form of religious activities and time when people gather with their best attires. Tshechu was derived from "Tshe" means Date and "Chu" means 10, which signify that in Bhutan festivals, are celebrated on the 10th Day of particular month. Ranging from minimum of three days to five days, festivals in Bhutan are celebrated according to their location.

Religious festivals for Bhutanese offer an opportunity to get immersed in the meaning of their religion and gain much merit. Locals are found to be indulged in wearing finest clothes, most beautiful jewelleries and eating meat & alcohol during these festivals in a convivial atmosphere.

What are the Crowd Puller Festivals in Bhutan?

In the Bhutan festival calendar, Paro and Thimpu tshechus or festivals are found in drawing the biggest crowds. Planning your vacation or holiday during this period of the festivals will offer plenty of things to see and explore and you will be rewarded with extraordinary and truly authentic experience. Bhutan's biggest tshechu or festival takes place in Thimpu (capital of Bhutan), which is preceded by continuous prayers and fascinating rituals that goes on for days and proves to be a weeklong affair that attract devotees from all over the country and tourists from across the globe.


Are you feeling inspired to venture out for an exciting Bhutan festival tour? In this case it will be wise in contacting a reliable tour company or most trusted travel agency in Bhutan. This will offer you an opportunity of enjoying well planned and best itinerary as per your requirement and budget to enjoy a convenient tour to witness fascinating and authentic festivals of Bhutan.