Dear friend These are some useful information which you better know before arrival and in Uzbekistan. USEFUL NUMBERS Please note, that on most numbers you should speak Uzbek or Russian languages. Militsia (Police) 02 (from cell phone dial *02) Ambulance 01 (from cell phone dial *01) CUSTOM DECLORATION ARRIVAL: Upon arrival to Uzbekistan, all citizens MUST to fill 2 copies of custom declaration form! This is obligatory procedure to all citizens entering and exiting Republic of Uzbekistan. On border you should submit both of the custom declaration to customs officers. One will be kept and one will returned back to you. Please pay attention that returned custom declaration will have custom seal, if it will not, ask customs officer to do so. Returned declaration should be kept until your departure from Uzbekistan. DEPARTURE: You should fill 1 copy of custom declaration and present 2 declarations to customs officer, one for exit and one for entry (which you have kept upon arrival). IMPORTANT: Please indicate all of your currency of all type and means, camera, cell phone, jewelry, strong medicines. While exiting country you should have less amount of money then you have brought in! If you have made withdrawal from bank or ATM machine, you should present receipt as prove. Otherwise exceeded amount of money will, confiscated from you! REGISTRATION All tourists entering to Republic of Uzbekistan must have been registered in a place of residence within 72 hours. If along your travel you are staying in hotels, registration will be done automatically for the period of your stay in each hotel. Pay attention while receiving your passport back, that it will have registration slip in it! All registration slips should be kept in passport and will be checked by border officers upon your departure. If you are staying in a private house or apartment you should submit your documents to local department of Internal Affairs. If your period of stay is less than 3 working days or your arrival got to weekend or public holidays your registration is not necessary! IMPORTANT: Please note, if you are independent traveler we advise you to take your passport with you with registration slip in it. SOUVENIRS/SHOPPING Uzbekistan is a perfect place for buying carpets, silk products, porcelain, ceramics, crystal, spices and unique fabrics. Major boutiques, branded shops and super markets are located in Tashkent. If you are more for souvenirs Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand is ideal place for it. IMPORTANT: Please note, do not buy any cultural/antique stuff older than 50 years! You will be not allowed to take it out from Uzbekistan. If you are buying carpets and paintings make sure that you have invoice and/or any document proving that it is not antique! SAFETY: Uzbekistan one of the safest countries in the world, quite safe with law crime rate, but it’s better if you take care of yourself avoiding dark empty streets, drunk companies. If you got into troubles you better immediately contact to your travel operator and militsia (police) which is quite friendly to travelers! TRANSPORT: Means of transport are more or less developed in Uzbekistan and very easy to get around either inside the city or intercity routes. Tashkent has most developed transport network with minibuses (marshrutka), buses, tram and metro (which is worth of using and visiting). Price for tram, buses and metro is fixed regardless distance you have passed. Taxi is very well developed also, you can raise your hand and see how many cars will stop. Don’t wonder if car with no taxi sign will stop. While taking taxi, we advise you do bargain, except for ordered taxi’s, as taxi companies has fixed rates per kilometer. LANGUAGES: Major spoken languages in Uzbekistan are Uzbek and Russian if you know one of them, your trip will be much easier. Unfortunately English is still not widely known and used. In tourist destination places people do speak English. If you got to ask something on a street you better refer to youngsters, pupils students which can speak reasonable English.