Information about each car purchased at an insurance auction in America, Canada or South Korea can be found on the Internet. To do this, simply enter the vehicle identification number (VIN-code) into the search. So, if you decide, for example, to sell your car, anyone can easily see when, for how much, where and in what condition you bought it. To avoid this, there is an option to delete the VIN history.

How to remove car photos from Autoastat, Bidfax?
VIN history

The main sites that store information about each vehicle purchased at auction are Autoastat and Bidfax. In addition to the make and model of the car (motorcycle, special or commercial vehicles, water transport), it contains:

* photos from different angles before the auction;

* winning bet;

* general specifications;

* odometer indicator;

* information about existing damage;

* history of all sales attempts at the auction.

In order to protect personal information when buying a vehicle from an auction, you can order a VIN history removal service. After searching and in-depth analysis of data on the Internet, photos and all related information will be deleted not only from Autoastat or BidFax, but from the network as a whole.

After the VIN code is completely cleared, information about it will be impossible to find on Google.

After cleaning, no one will be able to find the image of the vehicle in the public domain. In the future, the owner can independently decide which photos and on which platforms to post.

Where can I delete the history of a car?

As we wrote above, the most famous sites with information about cars sold at auction are Autoastat and BidFax. They were created in 2014 - 2017 and are a huge database of listings from Copart, Insurance Auto Auction, Manheim, Impact Auto Auction.

In addition to Autoastat and BidFax, there are many other services that duplicate the information and image available there. Therefore, to completely delete the history, you need to solve the problem in a complex way. The main thematic platforms include Poctra, Badcars, PLC, Auctionhistory, Salvagebid, and others. There is also an option to remove vehicle data from them.

It should be noted that it is not possible to remove the full VIN report from closed databases of national importance. But to get it, you have to pay. It contains information about owners, service - everything you need for a detailed analysis of the history of a used car, for example, before buying. But most buyers do not want to spend money on a full check, relying on open sources.

If you remove the car from Autoastat, thematic forums and similar services, you can also destroy links to the pages of descriptions of lots in search engines. Thus, no one will know for how much and with what attempt the vehicle was sold at the insurance auction by the previous owner.

How long does it take to remove a VIN?

It takes about 3-5 days for the complete and final destruction of information. This time is required for a thorough search of the information available on the network on the car, direct cleaning and re-checking. Therefore, the service is provided with high quality and in the shortest possible time.