International visitors to Vietnam were up 24.8% in January compared to the same time last year, according to the Vietnam Tourist Board. Over 630,000 tourists visited the country, attracted by the cities of Saigon and Hanoi, the Mekong Delta, and luxury cruises of the Halong Bay.

But Vietnam can be a confusing place to visit because of the language barrier, the need for visas, and having to choose between all the different locations and activities on offer. That’s why many travelers are turning to specialist services online which can advise on what to do and make all the necessary arrangements.

“In Vietnam, only tour guides who are licensed with the authorities can legally escort tourists, so it’s a good idea to make arrangements with a guide before you travel,” said Nguyen Khoa, founder of, an online travel company specializing in Vietnam. “Vietnam can be a truly unforgettable holiday destination, and by partnering with local experts you can ensure to get the most out of your trip.”

Vktour can arrange visas and travel arrangements, then assists travelers 24/7 on arrival. By having close links with hotels and local businesses, they can offer highly competitive prices.

Vietnam is a country which is only recently embracing the tourist industry, giving visitors an insight into this historically rich and resilient country. It’s a country of contrasts, from mountains to lakes and deltas, and from bustling historic cities to sleepy villages and rice fields. The contrasts extend to the activities on offer, which suit all types of traveler.

Vktour offers adventure tours of up to six days of Vietnam’s most remote and beautiful landscapes, but can also arrange tours of the country’s World Heritage Sites. With scuba diving, trekking and bird watching too, with the right planning Vietnam really can offer something to everyone. is an online travel company, founded in 2008 and specializing in travel in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It provides tour guide services, as well as arranging great deals on inbound travel, accommodation and activities.

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