This small South American country will provide an opportunity to relax at its summer resorts, such as Carmelo, Mercedes, and Punta del Este. It is also widely known for its hot springs and mountains.

Tourists can walk on the sand dunes in Cabo Polonia, admire the resting fur seals and killer whales in the ocean. Those, who might enjoy fishing on the Uruguayan coast or take wine tours, will also find the country superb. Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America, located in the south-eastern part of the Atlantic coast, bordered by Brazil and Argentina. Uruguay is associated with its fashionable resorts, tranquil coastal towns, colonial areas, castles, hot springs and bohemian atmosphere. The country is famous for its film and jazz festivals. Almost all the inhabitants of Uruguay are the descendants of immigrants from Southern Europe, mainly Spain and Italy. It surely affects the traditions of the country. Uruguay is also one of the cleanest and safest countries in Latin America. It is especially nice to chat with the locals: most of them are polite and educated. While being here, tourists will also be expected to taste the local tea, which has become a favorite daily ritual.

Uruguay is a country of peace and prosperity. It is both politically and economically stable and richly endowed by nature. It received its name from the eponymous river. To the east of Uruguay, by the Atlantic Ocean, there is the Bay of La Plata. It shares borders with Argentina and Brazil, and its highest point is Mount Catedral.

The length of Uruguayan beaches exceeds 650 kilometers. And there are lagoons (the most scenic in the east), which are the best place for water skiing, jet-sky surfing, windsurfing. Here are secluded deserted beaches. Another attraction of the country is hot springs with temperatures up to 40%. The hot spring resorts are equipped with indoor and outdoor pools.

The most fashionable resort for a holiday in Uruguay is Punta del Este. A nice feature of the nation is the courtesy of the local population and their unmistakable unhurried conversation. The holidays in Uruguay are especially meaningful for those, who like horseback riding, good meat and wine, and are ready to enjoy the simple pleasures of rural life away from bustling cities. Numerous Uruguayan ranch retain the charm and unhurried lifestyle of the 19th century. This is one of the most popular and fashionable trends in Uruguayan tourism. Place a request to one of Uruguay tour operators to prepare a tour which would accommodate this experience.

The capital, Montevideo, is a major banking and financial center. This city is very diverse in terms of its appearance. Classicism is as widespread in the city architecture as baroque modernism and old colonial buildings. Ultra-modern buildings are surrounded by beautiful parks and bridges connecting the banks of the river.

It is interesting to see Independence Square with the Mausoleum de Artigo, Palacio Salvo, the square of Plaza Constituciуn, neoclassical Cabildo and the National Museum of History. The old port of Mercado del Puerto has been transformed into a colorful shopping mall, where there is a huge number of markets, restaurants, art exhibitions and street musicians. To the west of the capital, there is the old colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento, which attracts attention with its narrow cobbled streets, winding between the colonial buildings, as well as for its annual agricultural fairs. No less distinctive is Swiss colony founded in the 19th century by Swiss settlers. It is often called 'the city of statues' and is known for many colorful fishing villages.

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