Trinidad and Tobago stand somewhat apart from other islands of the Caribbean Sea. Located at the southernmost region and geographically belonging to South America more than the Antilles, they are an example of a rapidly developing economy and tourist infrastructure.
The island of Trinidad was discovered in 1498 by Columbus, who christened it La Isla de la Trinidad after the Holy Trinity. The Spaniards followed in the footsteps of Columbus, but the complete lack of natural resources and relatively poor soil contributed to the conquistadors’ losing interest in the land.

Surrounded by lush green hills, the city of Port-of-Spain is the capital and the main business center of the oil-rich Trinidad. A rather unusual in its architecture and general layout, the city stretches along the gulf and is literally filled with buildings of all styles and eras. The typical Caribbean markets coexist here with modern skyscrapers, and minarets of mosques are neighboured by the domes of cathedrals. A turbulent mixture of architectural styles may seem unattractive at first glance. Ask your Tonga tour operator to organize and excursion in Port-of-Spain which would cover all important sights.

Still, Port-of-Spain is very colorful, and among its modern skyscrapers and office complexes, you can easily find many beautiful buildings of the 19th century and typical buildings with carved facades and balconies. However, many urban neighborhoods are quite significant 'business' areas, and the hotels are clearly more suited to the needs of business travelers rather than tourists.

The heart of the city is Independence Square, located to the north of the docks. Strictly speaking, it is not a square, but two long streets, narrowly restricting the pedestrian zone. This is an area of bustling street markets and quiet alleys, located 'in the shadow' of the twin towers of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Right here one will notice the Woodford Square, which is a pleasant green area, leading to the majestic colonial buildings of Parliament Red House.

The town of Chaguanas, which lies south of the marshy district of Caroni, is one of the oldest settlements on the island, where people from different European countries have settled long before the Spanish colonists. The town got its name from an Indian tribe and has long been a center of cane sugar industry.

The third largest city of Trinidad, Arima, was founded by Capuchin monks, and is one of the oldest settlements on the island. Located in the idyllic foothills of the North-Range, the city is the religious center of the country. Here begins the Guanapo road, a fantastically beautiful route in the surrounding mountains and valleys to the breathtaking gorge waterfalls and cascades.
The oldest European city and the first capital of Trinidad, the city of St. Joseph, is considered the most picturesque settlement in Trinidad. It is known for about a hundred works of French and Spanish colonial architecture and the impressive minaret of the Mohammed Al Jinnah Memorial mosque.

The second largest city of the island and the main commercial center of southern Trinidad, San Fernando, is a seemingly old-fashioned city, famous for its winding alleys, charming colonial architecture of the buildings, good hotels and the best restaurants in the region.

Lying between Trinidad and the open ocean, the island of Tobago once was unknown to tourists. But lately it has been developing with astonishing speed, demonstrating the almost double increase in the number of visitors each year. The main reasons for its popularity include the magnificent underwater world, the untouched nature, the deserted beaches and lush tropical forests.

Tobago's administrative center and the main port is a thriving city of Scarborough. Its main landmark is the mighty Fort King George, built by the British in the 18th century. Other local attractions include the village of Mount St. George, colourful First Historical Cafй, a beautiful building of the old sugar plantation Richmond Great House, Argyll Falls, and the beautiful Kings Bay with a nice beach.

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