Ecuador is considered one of the most unusual countries of the continent. Here one can see an enormous variety of sights. Ecuador is known for the Andes with lots of volcanoes and the exotic Amazon River with its diverse natural world and unique tribes. The country is marked by the long coastline and dozens of mountain resorts. In terms of active recreation, it is considered one of the best places in South America. The historical background of the country is also very rich, making it a perfect place for supporters of cultural tourism.

The capital of Ecuador is considered one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Quito is located at an altitude of 2850 m above sea level and only 22 km south of the equator, which gives it a very pleasant climate and breathtaking panoramas of mountains with snowy peaks, visible from anywhere in the city. The old district of Quito has preserved many cultural and historical monuments, including the medieval Cathedral, monasteries and secular buildings of the colonial period. The churches of San Francisco, San Agustin, La Campagna and Santo Domingo host vast collections of ancient statues and paintings.

Independence Square, also known as Plaza Grande, is surrounded by important civic and religious buildings of the city: the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Palace of the Archbishop and the building of the Municipality, which has always been considered the center of Quito. The Cathedral, located on the south side of the Plaza Grande, is recognized due to its white walls and tiled roof. Here are the graves of the most famous people of Ecuador, and its interior is painted by the best Indian artists.

Decorated with numerous paintings, Palacio de Goberno and the Presidential Palace are an interesting place on the tourist map. Nearby stands the oldest convent of the capital, La Concepcion Quito, and opposite there is a magnificent white Palace of the Archbishop. A number of buildings around the Square City Hall are in surprisingly good harmony with the neighboring colonial buildings. The most famous Quito museums are the Museum of the Central University, the National Museum of Colonial Art, the Municipal Museum of Art and History, the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Mineralogy.

Cuenca is famous for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Monastery Carmen de la Asunción, one of the most famous and richest in the country, and the Museum of the Central Bank.

On the Galapagos Islands, you will see a large colony of marine wolves, frigates, spearmen, and iguanas. The island of San Cristobal is a place where numerous hiking trails start. There are also natural rock formations, called Leon Dormido. On the island of Santa Cruz, there is Charles Darwin Research Station which studies colonies of sea and land turtles. The islands abound with wonderful beaches with the softest black and white sand, creating a unique landscape, which is very popular with sailing enthusiasts.

The heart of the southern coast, the port of Guayaquil is the biggest city and economic center of Ecuador, the country's main export gateway. It is traditionally considered to be too noisy, messy, dirty and dangerous.

However, Guayaquil is actually not as terrible as presented, and its location makes it a convenient starting point for trips to the south. The main attractions here are the picturesque colonial Guayaquil area of ​​Las Penas, a bustling waterfront and a green Malecón boulevard with an abundance of shops and restaurants, the Civic Plaza with La Rotunda, an imposing statue of the two national heroes Jose San Martin and Simon Bolivar, the Clock Tower in the Moorish style, an indoor market of steel and glass Mercado Sur with an art gallery, a magnificent complex of botanical gardens with a huge number of fountains, ponds and magnificent botanical collections.

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