The islands of Grenada are of volcanic origin, and therefore the nature is very diverse and rich here. There are hot mineral springs, waterfalls, mountain lakes and beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists. The main area of ​​tourism and the country's largest hotels are located to the south of the capital city, in the bay of Grand Anse.

St. George is a very picturesque city that surrounds the deep harbor and is rightly regarded one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. Cargo ships, cruise ships and colorfully painted wooden schooners fill the entire area of ​​the harbor. The labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys is a favorite destination of many tourists, with commercial buildings, warehouses, and cafes located here. At a short distance from the port, St. George's streets ascend steeply, gradually passing into the lush green hills of Grenada. Grenada National Museum, located in the city center, is situated in the old French barracks dating from the 18th century. The expositions of the museum are extremely diverse. The exhibitions include fragments of pottery of the Indian tribes, the collection of old clothing, the collection of rum and the untidy marble bath, which once belonged to Empress Josephine.

Fort George, located on a hilltop above the town, offers a great view of the city and the bay, with red tiled roofs and spires of churches. The fort is well preserved and can serve as an example of fortification architecture of the colonial period.

Grand Anse and Morne Rouge are the main resort areas of ​​Grenada. The entire coastline of these cities is a strip of white sand washed by the blue water and surrounded by picturesque hills. Here one will find numerous hotels, bars and restaurants, aimed at a meaningful recreation of tourists. If you want to enjoy peace, it is necessary to cross the peninsula towards the picturesque bay of Morne Rouge, where the beaches are no less good, and the number of people is smaller.

The Grand Ethan National Park presents the visitors with a small forest in the center of the island and is famous for its waterfalls and crater lakes, as well as many scenic hiking trails. The waterfalls 'Seven Sisters' and Annandale are a real decoration of the park. It is a cascade of seven waterfalls near the village of Constantine. Annandale is an almost 10-meter waterfall, situated in a natural grotto with lush vegetation. The river below the Falls is divided into many branches and is a very popular rafting area and an exotic center of scuba diving.

The coastal cliffs, mentioned in numerous legends, offer majestic views of the island of Ronde, the nearby islands, and the sea covered with fishing boats. Close to the beach there are three islands: Schugar Loaf, a private island with a house on its southern shore, Green Island, which has several abandoned buildings, and Sandy Island, which has an abandoned hotel and a good beach for swimming and diving.

Carriacou is a small island with good beaches and shores. The natural harbor attracts the attention of yachtsmen. The island is famous for its fantastic panoramic view of the neighboring islands of the Grenadines. Tyrell Bay is a popular marina and the nearest beach.

Petit Martinique is a tiny island with its own school, a church, a guest house and a shop with a bar, but there are no police, customs and banks. Grenada has always been famous for its festivals and carnivals. The biggest Carnival takes place in August and brings a lot of music, dance and performances. The most popular beaches for sunbathing and swimming are known for large areas of reefs with good corals, a fantastic variety of fish, rare sea turtles and other forms of marine life.

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