If you go to Eastern Switzerland, you will certainly see one of the most spectacular places in the country, the Rhine Falls. Near the waterfall, there is a beautiful old town of Schaffhausen. This part of the country is replete with unusual multicolored floral gardens. The small towns and villages are charming and fit perfectly into a natural landscape. In central Switzerland, we admire Mount Pilatus, a favorite place of both residents and foreign tourists.

Swiss Alps

Top ski resorts in Switzerland include Zermatt, Crans-Montana, Saas Fee, and St. Moritz, Flims, Laax, and Falera. These resorts make up the largest ski area in Switzerland called the 'Alpine Arena'. They are located in the Grisons Canton, on a sunny plateau between the mountains Forab and Flimzerstein. The area offers a variety of slopes of different levels. The longest ski route in the region, Der Weisse Schuss, stretches from the top of the mountain and to Forab village.

Experienced skiers will be attracted to Casson mountain slopes, as well as the ski routes from the top of Grauberg Mountain. The most difficult route is FIS Fatschas, which can be reached by train from the Laax-Murshetg station located at the village of Laax.

The guests of Swiss resorts will be offered such ways of recreation as ice skating, gliding, hot air ballooning, and horseback riding. Visitors can swim in pools, play tennis, take up shooting, go-karting, or play squash. They can visit numerous restaurants and bars. In the village of Falera, there is a church built in the 15th century, one of the local attractions. In the nearby town of Chur, one can visit interesting museums and a Romanesque cathedral.

The main city in Central Switzerland is Lucerne, which has retained its medieval appearance. The fortress wall and numerous monuments are of greatest interest here, as well as the large Baroque building of Jesuitenkirche.

Visitors also have a chance to go to at least some of the 600 Swiss museums. The most popular of them are the Swiss Museum of History in Zurich and art museums of Basel, Bern, Geneva, and Zurich. The country’s cultural life is diverse and rich. Every big city has its own theater and symphony orchestra. The best known musical theatres include the Opera House in Zurich, the Grand Theatre in Geneva and Basel City Theater.
Summer in Switzerland is the time of festivals; they are held in Lausanne, Zurich, Montreux and many other cities in addition to the world-renowned international music festivals held annually during Lucerne Carnival.

The capital of the country is Geneva, located on the shores of the largest lake in Western Europe, at the foot of the Alps. Geneva is also known as the center of international business life. It regularly witnesses numerous meetings of global importance. Cultural and artistic life here is full of events. Tourists can attend various concerts, exhibitions and performances held throughout the year.

Geneva is the city with literally thousands of restaurants which offer a choice of dishes of all the nations of the world. Seekers of an active recreation will find numerous opportunities for sport and romantic walks. A lot of museums can baffle the visitors at first, but then most of them go to the Museum of History and Art, which presents the biggest collection of artistic masterpieces. Of special interest is St. Peter's, an out-of-the-row monument of medieval architecture, and the Koppet Castle can be called one of the most beautiful buildings in the city on the shores of Lake Geneva.

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