The Sam sand dunes are a vast stretch of desert with little or no vegetation across the stretches of sands. As far as the eyes can see, the vast stretches of sand will certainly take your breath away in moments.

It is indeed a pleasure to sit on a part of the desert sand and soak in the views of the Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer. The viewing part can well be taken care of if you stay put at one of the desert camps that are located at the sides of the Sam sand dunes.

The desert camps are excellent, as they offer accommodations and arranging for vibrant cultural programs to entertain their guests to the best of their abilities.

Musical gypsy program at the desert camps

The desert camps arrange for entertaining programs for their guests every evening, and one of the star attractions in such musical entertainment programs is the musical gypsy program that includes dance and song performances by the famous Kalbelia dancers from the desert.

The Swiss tents of the desert camps

Most of the desert camps are designed with Swiss tent like structure that makes the staying all the more enjoyable. If you have never stayed in a tent, it is a good idea to stay put at one of the Swiss tents in the desert camps and take back some great memories at home.

Suggested camps are Royal Desert Camp, Rajputana Desert Camp at Sam Jaisalmer and Dangri Desert Safari camp Jaisalmer.

Camel safari tours that start from desert camps

Most of the desert camps arrange for the desert safari tours in the Sam sand dunes. The desert safari can be done either on the camel back or the jeep.

The jeep safari can be a little expensive however it is comfortable. But the best part of visiting the desert is the camel safari, and it is something that you will never get anywhere else other than the desert.

Local desert cuisine of Sam Jaisalmer

The desert camps serve delicious Rajasthani cuisine all day during the stay. You can enjoy sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine at one of the desert camps and taste one of the best cuisines of the country.

Do check out desert safari tour by Rajputana Desert Camp.

There are yummy dishes like dal baati churma, gate ki sabzi, shrikhand, etc. that are to be enjoyed. You can also visit any other restaurants located in Jaisalmer to taste the treats of Rajasthan.