Being a wonderful and must see place on Earth, Tibet is exotic and mysterious place where natural wonders, some of the world’s best monasteries and majestic scenery and mysterious religious culture has exerted an awesome draw on travelers. Tranquil and very amazing natural place has a lot more to explore and to get involved during your Tibet tours. Some of the wonderful and fascinated destinations that are sure to keep you spell bound are the following.

The Potala Palace

A must to add in your Tibet tour packages, The Potala Palace is on the side of Marpo Ri or Red Mountain in North-West of Lhasa City. It is a large and amazing building complex and of course the pride of architectural wonders in Tibet that was built in 637 as a royal palace of King Songtsan Gampo. It was reconstructed in 1645 by the Great Fifth Dalai Lama named Lozang Gyatso. Now, it is the theocratic center of Tibet and residence. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also called as the Palace of Art.

Jokhang Temple

Located on Barkhor Square in Lhasa, Jokhang Temple is called as the supreme temple of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also considered as the most sacred and important temple by Tibetans that is also visited by tourists from across the world. Built by King Songtsan Gampo for his two brides – the Tang Princess Wencheng and Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti – this wonderful temple combines Chinese Tang Dynasty and Indian Vihara design along with Nepalese designs.

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

The deepest canyon in the world, it is regarded s the most beautiful canyon in China stretching 505 km from Daduka village in Mainling County in north to Pasighat Village in Medog County in the South. Its average depth is 7740 feet; while the deepest point is around 19500 feet.

Yamdrok Lake

It is among three holy lakes in Tibet in Nagarze County. It is about 70 km from Lhasa – called as the barrier lake because glacial mud rock flows blocked the river way millions of years ago. With a surface area of 638 square km, it is 70 times larger than the size of West Lake in Hangzhou. The coral color of the lake makes it an ideal place to see. You will also see Samding Monastery here – the only Tibetan Monastery headed by a female Tulku on the southwest coast of the lake.


Being one of the most beautiful places in Tibet, Namtso is located in Damxung County and Baingo County in Tibet Autonomous Region. Lake Namtso is the second largest salt water lake in China at an altitude of 4718 meter. It is without any doubt the lake in the Sky. It is the holy lake where four temples around the lake make it an ideal and a must to add place in your Tibet tour packages.