Here is a list of exotic sailing holiday destinations.

US West Coast

The US West Coast of North America is known as the paradise of vacationers. This is the right destination that provides outstanding experiences to people who love both adventure and relaxation. Most people prefer to go on a bareboat vacation in these locations and it is quite easy to charter a boat and enjoy the sailing holiday privately.

The tour service providers include accommodation, meals, and miscellaneous services that are truly meant to provide you with an outstanding experience while you are at this location. People, who want to experience raw nature, have plenty of options left to enjoy the beauty. Starting from southeastern Alaska to Mexico, the West Coast offers some of the unique beauty of nature. You can enjoy the scenic beauty, beautiful islands, and various terrains along your way. The length of the entire west coast is more than one thousand miles and it provides the unique beauty of nature which is enough to be astonished. It is also possible to get the best experience of the marine lives that are being flourished beneath the sea due to the availability of plankton. These are some of the best things that you can expect from the West Coast while going on a sailing charter.


If you want to experience the pristine clear blue water of the ocean, the Caribbean will be the best destination. This is the right place where you can experience the calm waters and here you have plenty of chances to enjoy the most exciting moments of your life. From the British Virgin Islands to St. Lucia, each and every place is being promptly ready to embrace the vacationers year-round. If you are done with the harsh winter, this is the right time to book sailing holidays in the Caribbean.

You have plenty of reasons why you should choose the Caribbean as your next sailing destination. Apart from crystal clear waters, this region is home to some of the beautiful islands like St. Thomas, the Spanish Virgin Islands, and Antigua.

This is the destination where you can find the blissful white sands of the world-class Caribbean islands from the beautifully designed ships or private yachts. These islands and the waters are known as some of the less polluted areas of the world and therefore, you can rejuvenate yourself by soaking in the sun on one of these beautiful beaches and breathing deeply the fresh and pure air.

Each day of your charter waits for special and full of surprises and this is the right time to select this region for planning your next sailing holiday.