Togo is an African country, enclosed between Benin and Burkina Faso. It has a narrow outlet to the Gulf of Guinea in the south. Until the Europeans came here in the 16th century, the tribes had been living in a primitive communal system. The Germans discovered and explored this territory and began to develop agriculture here, growing coffee and building railroads. When Togo gained independence, it survived a military coup and sank to the bottom of the list in terms of the quality of living conditions.

The sights of Togo are not too attractive to tourists - the country's infrastructure is in need of renovation, but the government does not have the money. Nevertheless, there are several objects of interest for tourists, for example, the capital of the cult of voodoo, Togovill. A very small town, it is the center of the practice of Voodoo, and its monuments are as dark as the culture itself. Here one can see the Mlapa Palace, the church decorated with stained glass windows depicting the suffering of African saints, and the residence of the local governor, who will be happy to be the guide showing the sights and the photos of his ancestors.

Once a popular tourist attraction in Togo, Lome Lake used to attract thousands of Europeans, who wanted to do extreme sports on the stormy waves of the pond. Today, however, the lake has shrinked and given way to the tribal settlements and small markets, which offer an abundance of local products. There are few good beaches in the area, and recreational infrastructure clearly needs improvement. Moreover, swimming in these waters can be dangerous because the waves have a strong pullback, and some local residents use sand beach as a toilet. The best choice is isolated and protected beaches in the area of Beach Robinson and the area of the Sarakava Hotel, which is the largest in West Africa. Your Togo tour operator can be a great asset to organize a tour around Lomo Lake.

Due to political instability, the attractiveness of the city of Lome has decreased slightly. It is worth visiting some classical buildings, the University, the Palace of Congresses, and the National Museum, which has an excellent ethnographic collection. The city still operates a large number of five star hotels and fine restaurants, and the local cuisine is considered to be one of the most original in Africa. The most vivid and visited place is the 'Big Market' in the city center and a shopping center. The best place is the quiet 'Village of Artisans', where you can also watch the work of local artists.

Not far from Lome, there is Anйho, a colonial capital of Togo. Although the city now looks a bit dilapidated, it might be interesting to walk along the old quarters of the city, see the buildings that have remained from the past centuries, and observe the life of local fishermen. Anйho at night looks much better, with a variety of food vendors and musicians filling the air with the sounds of folk instruments.

The village of Kande marks the northern end of the most scenic section of the highway, which stretches along the entire country. It is also the starting point for visits to the valley. A typical settlement called 'Tata' consists of a series of towers connected with a thick wall with only one doorway. In the past, these settlements, similar to the structure of medieval castles, helped the local residents to oppose the invasion of neighboring tribes. Buildings are made of clay, wood and straw. They are surprisingly cool even on the hottest day, in contrast to the modern house made of cement and metal in less traditional villages.

The national parks in the country are small and can not boast having rare species of animals. The best natural landscapes are in Central Togo, with wooded savannah, a variety of waterfalls, cliffs and rocky hills. The local mountains are the best place for observing lions and elephants, especially during the dry season.

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