Let's halt for a minute and learn about some of the things for a male Muslim who will be setting out soon to perform the holy Umrah. These recommendations are those that I acquired by talking to some aged Muslim pilgrims while performing Umrah last year with cheap Umrah Packages.

Just Know Principles of Islam

There are few candid precepts that people can damage without considering. For instance, one needs to realise that a pilgrim cannot use a scented spirit or a cleanser while performing Ihram, so he needs to have an unscented cleanser just before leaving home. Another doctrine is, you will not be able to cover your head with your Ihram. Covering your awrah (intimate parts of the body) being in the condition of Ihram.

Keep the Purpose and the Intention Correct

With Umrah Packages from London, make sure your Umrah is purely for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala and to change your life and the lives of your beloved ones. Make sure you carry patience and a smiling face and leave behind anger, expectation, comfort, panic and excitement.

Refrain from anger and do not get into any fight even if its their fault. Avoid 'gheebah' (back-biting) as this will nullify all your efforts and devotion. Remain in the state of wudhu everytime in Makkah and Medina and ensure to perform your Nafl and Sunnah in these holy lands. Keep a track on the happenings of Akaabir and Majaalis and be a part of their gatherings. Abstain from taking any pictures of the Kaaba or even the Green Dome. Wish well for everyone and all the time make a dua saying, 'O Allah ! Protect me, correct me and guide me'.

Keep in mind the purity of the place and instead of any cool drink, drink the Zam Zam water as much as possible. With Umrah Packages 2017, do not waste time being lured into shopping and do not boast about your Hajj and Umrah to anyone.