Tanzania is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in East Africa. The vast territory of national parks, such as Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ruaha, Tarangire, with a huge variety of wildlife, large cones of ancient volcanoes, the most beautiful landscapes of the Central Plateau and the Great Rift zone, extended coastline and picturesque islands, the unique culture of indigenous tribes - all this gives the country a unique flavor and a great attraction for visitors.

Dar es Salaam is the ancient capital of Tanzania, which is in the list of largest cities in the region. The city's name is translated from Swahili as 'a peaceful haven'. The Sultan of Zanzibar once decided to found here a small fishing village, which later became the capital of the country. Like in most African cities, some areas in Dar es Salaam are quite different from each other both in architecture and the standards of life of their inhabitants. Business districts around the colorful market of Cariaco, the Clock Tower or the boulevards of the government quarters make this district different from the suburbs. There are almost no slums in the city, but the average level of life is low. Ask your Tanzania tour operator to organize an excursion in Dar Es Salam to enjoy the attractions of this city.

The sights of the city include the palace of Sultan Majid, the Clock Tower, Askari monument dedicated to the perished soldiers, the Anglican Church of St. Alban, the Lutheran Cathedral, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church of St. Peter, the Catholic Cathedral, and Mosque Street with a huge amount of mosques. Of special interest are the botanical gardens in the city center, the National Museum with excellent archaeological and anthropological collections, an art gallery with a large collection of traditional products, and the University of Mlimali. The nearest ocean beach, which can be reached from the city, is located in Oyster Bay and is famous for its beautiful coastline.

Dodoma is a former old village located between the ocean coast and Lake Victoria, which suddenly became the capital in the late 1970-s. Hopes for economic prosperity did not come true, and even with the construction processes and the transfer of the capital, Dodoma still resembled a big village. The sights are few and include the building of the National Assembly and a number of government institutions, two Christian churches, a Sikh temple, and a large market.

Bagamoyo once was a very important city on the continent. A major port of the coast and a large shopping center, it became the capital of former German East African possessions. Bagamoyo was one of the contenders for the title of the capital of the country. The fort, the small historical museum, the old Luke House, and a lot of mosques, a number of colonial buildings and Livingstone Memorial constitute the list of the city’s attractions.

Zanzibar, often called the 'island-reserve', is one of the most wonderful places in the Indian Ocean. It has always been a well-known shopping center, the island was known even at the ancient period of the Shumerians. In the Middle Ages, the Arabs conquered this territory and imposed their way of life upon the locals. Even today, the architecture of the city is clearly dominated by Arabic motifs. Plantations of cloves, cinnamon and other spices occupy over a half of the island, making it a picturesque place. The thickets of savanna and tropical crops cover the remaining area. The old Arab Stone Town can be considered the main attraction of the island. It has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Stone Town is a network of traditional Arab houses with stone turrets and carved doors, winding streets, shops, markets, palaces, mosques and various fortifications.

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