Being the most Eco-friendly and exclusively personalized adventure, camping and safari tours, we provide privacy in the wilderness. Offering a personal relation with the wildlife and its ecosystem we differ and excel on every angle. We offer you the following:

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(Note- Our camping are 100 % inside National Parks and we are the only team that can do it for you, other all camping tours doing outside National Park, experience true camping and may more with us. )


EXACTLY WHAT would you like to do? Well our answer...YES IT IS POSSIBLE. Our team can come up with blissful soul calming possibilities because we have access like nobody else. We have the reaches to secluded beaches, rivers, caves, rock formations and of course the jungle...all of which can be your own. We can entertain your imagination anytime and be forthcoming towards all your idea. Not only can we take you anywhere but we can we make that anywhere your home. On an adventurers point of view, we can assist our guests of any fitness levels to sites of prominence. From a 15 min treks to an entire day trips we can adventure through the jungles to visit archialogical ruins. Having lunch in a location not seen by mankind or watching the birds fly from gods point of view is all possible with us. It's simple, tell us exactly what you want and we will make it happen within the boundaries of what is right by nature.


Safari tents with style and luxury is the minimum we offer. Made for the harshest condition and imported from Africa and Australia, our tents are the most comfortable accommodation in the jungles of Sri Lanka. Making you a home that is not only spacious and comfortable, it is setup nestled deep within natures palms so that you become part of the jungle yourself.


There is nobody in Sri Lanka that can take you to discover and rediscover the ruins of a majestic past. Sri Lanka over the last 5000 years has been the paradise cove for gods and people alike to escape. Our treks take you back to those days where you can discover their ancient way of life. Everything from temples, caves, monuments, marvellous architectures, buried water dams awaits your presence. Our treks can relive how they lived, what they ate, what the drew and their surroundings can all be rediscovered. We are the only team who work with the wildlife and nature departments of Sri Lanka. We assist in searching for prominent sites only ancient stories behold. Not only have we discovered sites, we have painstakingly protected these places in the way of continuous visits and updates to the departments. Adventure trekking such as these can be included in your adventure within the safety net of our team.


What is different to the rest? We don't drive to disturb, we don't drive to pollute, we don't drive to take advantage of the wild. What we do is become part of nature. Our drives are educational and we go to locations of known habitats. With the vast experience, we know exactly the spots to visits where we can be nestled away but be close enough to witness nature and her beauties. We know that we are the visitors in Nature home therefore we respect her home as you would when you visits another's home. This we believe has been the success story in having the best sightings and friendly encounters with the wild.


As raw as you can get. The cleanest kitchen and freshest produce made in the most authentic way. We can just about make anything in the jungle. Our staff are naturally tuned to the Sri Lankan authenticity and what makes it the best jungle kitchen? Well its the fact that cooking tours can be accommodated so that you can learn the ways and you can get hands on with what Sri Lanka has been living on for thousands of years. Traditional stone grinned sambols to wood sewn hoppers and a more modern slow cooked beef in red wine. You palette will discover tastes and your mind will open up ideas of ways to cook. The jungle kitchen is set amongst the trees and rivers where natures tastes and breeze becomes part of the cooking experience.


Taking photos is not about just the camera and it's not just about the person. Taking photos requires the most pristine locations, the most hidden spots for wildlife, the ambience to concentrate, a lunch, a drink and a few books. Photography is the ability to transfix yourself intonature, it's the ways you can blend in and taking that right shot or taking everything you see depends on how comfortable you are. Photography tours with our team goes beyond photography. Your photos will have a story to tell, it will portray your feeling and with each photo you will find a piece of yourself within nature. Apart from being able to take you to any location, we can certainly assist with your equipment and we have the love and patience to sit with you and help you discover nature through the lens.


Kumana is a bird sanctuary of international standards. Migratory birds find solace in Kumana. Kumana is the southern most point globally for birds to stopover before their long journey southwards and northward flying birds find a home in Kumana as it is the first piece of habitable land they see. This piece of bird paradise is untouched and globally undiscovered. Bird watching can not get better than in Kumana. We have ornithologist available at your request so that your birding experience Dow snot just become a photography or observation tour but it becomes a story and it becomes and educational holiday.


Jeeps are made to be used in the harshest conditions. Our team are lovers of taking that extra step to get there. This has allowed us to venture to places nobody has gone to. None of us are worried about the damage or the costs involved in mending the jeeps. A jeep means that river crossing, mud streaked windshields, scraped door paints and ripped canopies are part and parcel of owning that jeep. Our jeeps are maintained to the highest mechanical standard so that it can handle each tour without a hitch. Outskirt tours require special preparation and we hope our guests are ready to get down and dirty so that the entire driving adventure experience becomes theirs. Certain tours are out of our reach due to the damage however this can be accommodated as well if requested