Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean, near the southern coast of India. In this island, one will discover all conditions for a great holiday. The crystal clear waters of the sea and beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful ocean breezes and majestic waterfalls, exotic plants and animals, many historical and natural attractions, friendliness and hospitality of local residents can be found in Sri Lanka. Tourists can only wonder that all this splendor is concentrated in one place. Tours in Sri Lanka are available and are of interest all year round.

The island of Sri Lanka is a favorite destination not only for those, who seek constant adventure, strange legends and pleasant holidays, but also for tourists wanting to see wildlife and chat with animals. Since it is very dangerous to communicate with predators in the open air, many choose a quiet walk in the park. They are constructed so that animals behave just like in their natural habitat.

The most famous national park is located on the south-east of Sri Lanka. Its official name is the Yala park. The reserve occupies more than 100 thousand hectares, and its main inhabitants are wild animals. This is the most wonderful place for those, who wish to observe the life of leopards. In the hottest time of day, they climb to the top of the mountain and lie there until the sun disappears, and in the evening, they move onto the branches of large deciduous trees.

The flora of the park is represented by dried out plants and shrubs, umbrella trees, among which one can see clear lakes. The ground beneath them is a bumpy terrain. In addition to leopards, elephants live in the reserve, and it is here that they can be best shown to tourists. The best period for observation is the time after the rains. Elephants gather in huge flocks. One can quietly observe them during swimming as they frolic and splash each other with water. Bears, deer, wild boar, gray langurs, lizards, turtles are other inhabitants of these lands.

An interesting tour of the park in a jeep is offered to the most curious tourists. Travelling by car, one will be able to properly consider the storks, ibises, herons, and yakans. The tourists, who love extreme recreation, will be given a chance to live in tent camps, located in the park.

Yala reserve is located not far from the city of Colombo and is the largest and the oldest among the parks of Sri Lanka.

The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, was once founded by Arab traders. It still has its unique charm. Downtown Colombo still has the old fortress, numerous buildings of colonial architecture of the 18th century and beautiful parks. The most interesting sights are the Yami-ul-AFFA mosque, the Presidential Palace, the Clock Tower, the old lighthouse, the National Museum, and Art Gallery. Nonetheless, no matter how beautiful Colombo is, the most interesting places are outside the capital.

The main attraction of the island of Sri Lanka is the valley of Kandy. The city of Kandy was once the capital of Sri Lanka and to this day is considered a religious and cultural center. The local Buddhist temple of the Sacred Tooth is the main shrine of the country. In the suburbs of Kandy, there is the Royal Botanic Garden, which contains one of the largest collections in the world.

In the city of Pinavella, every tourist must visit the public elephant nursery where orphaned elephants are raised. Elephants in Sri Lanka are very important because they perform many different tasks: they carry cargo timber, entertain tourists, and participate practically in all religious ceremonies. In addition, Sri Lanka is famous worldwide for its magnificent beaches that stretch for hundreds of miles around the coast of the island.

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