Bareboat Charters

To the lay person a bareboat charter is essentially like renting a car. You rent the boat for a specific period of time, sail it yourself and return it to the rental company in the same condition at the end of your trip. The way to take advantage of a bareboat charter is to enlist the help of an experienced sailing friend; someone who is qualified through certification and experience to sail in your preferred destination. You and the rest of your group can serve as crew members under his or her guidance.

The cost of the bareboat charter (or boat rental) can be split among couples or anyone who plans to come along. You’ll also have to budget for plane tickets to get to your destination as well as food and drink during your trip.

Crewed Yachts

A crewed yacht sounds like a large luxury craft but this category also includes both small and large sailboats that come with the services of a crew. You may be surprised to see how many options there are available- from boats with just a skipper to large catamarans with crews of three, to even larger boats with numerous crew members and cabins for many guests.

A crewed yacht is a rather luxurious option whether you go for a small or large sailboat- the crew normally manages every aspect of sailing the boat, takes you the best locations and also prepares and serves all meals and drinks for guests on board.

There are also certain etiquette tips for chartering a crewed yacht, including a rather significant tip for the crew at the end of the charter. However, as with a bareboat charter the cost of a crewed boat can be split among a group- being able to truly sit back and relax and be served is also an incomparable experience. Many liken it to being aboard your own floating All Inclusive resort, so even if it’s not something you might do every year, it may be a wonderful extravagance for a special occasion.

Cabin Charters

A cabin charter, also known as a ‘by the cabin’ charter or ‘stateroom charter’ is essentially the same concept as reserving a berth on a giant cruise ship. Here, however, it’s a much more private and exclusive experience. You can charter a cabin on a relatively small ship or opt for a larger one. You’ll have chef-prepared meals and drinks, a set sailing itinerary and different activities available to you during your trip.

Cabin charters allow you to enjoy the company of other guests or relax in the privacy of your berth. You can spend time on deck, go on land excursions, chat with the crew; all of the benefits of a large cruise line minus the crowd and glitz.

Now that we’ve given you an idea of what to expect, we can move on to one of the more aspects of chartering: choosing a destination!

There are certain places that are so breathtakingly beautiful and comfortable for visitors that they virtually guarantee you an excellent experience. Many of us want to get off the beaten track and say away from the throngs of tourists, but one of the best things about a sailing vacation is that even if you do visit a more trafficked place you can easily sail away from the hustle and bustle. You can also really make your vacation what you want it to be- sail to uninhabited islands for that ‘deserted island’ feel or join in the full moon parties and crowded restaurants. There’s something for everyone.

The first unbeatable place to recommend is the famous British Virgin Islands. This destination is renowned as one of the best cruising destinations in the world. Though small, it offers a good number of diverse islands to explore, with short passages between them. The region has exciting sights to see, such as the Baths of Virgin Gorda and the Rhone Shipwreck, but it’s just as nice to just relax and enjoy a tranquil beach- everywhere you turn is a photo opportunity in this tropical paradise. Yachting is such an essential element of the region that visitors will find well stocked provision shops in ports and plenty of boating-friendly vendors and activities.

You can also opt for the Eastern Mediterranean, where sailing is also a popular form of holiday. The waters here can easily rival the Caribbean in terms of clarity and natural beauty, with many turquoise bays and white sand beaches to enjoy during your cruise. Here you can choose from places like the Ionian Sea in Greece, the Dalmatian Islands off Croatia and the historic coastlines of Turkey. Each is well worth a Google search to find out more, and as you can imagine they offer much in the way of excellent Mediterranean cuisine and fascinating cultures to explore.

Yacht culture in the Med is also highly advanced and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to bareboat, crewed and cabin charter company options.

If you prefer to set off a bit closer to home you can do a search for any of these types of charters in your closest port. For any questions about planning a sailing vacation, feel free to leave us a comment in the space below. And for the best rates on charters contact