The main attraction of South Africa is its natural beauty. Most of the territory of the South African Republic is occupied by hills, plateaus and mountains, dissected by deep canyons with steep edges. The numerous nature reserves and national parks preserve South Africa's diverse flora and fauna intact and are some of the main areas of tourist interest in the country. In the very south of South Africa, there is the Cape of Good Hope, the most famous symbol of the state. For centuries, the Cape of Good Hope had been linked to the opening of the sea route from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

Many attractions of South Africa can be seen by visiting Cape Town, the oldest city of the country, situated in a picturesque area at the foot of the legendary Table Mountain on the Atlantic coast. Cape Town is the location of the country's parliament, the capital of the Western Cape Province and one of the most interesting cities in Africa. The city lies at the foot of Table Mountain, the ancient landmark which determines the character and the outlook of the metropolis. The sights include the oldest building called the Castle, which is home to a collection of antiques and paintings, the Cathedral of St. George in the old park, the residence of the President of South Africa, Pink Palm Tree and Nurel Nameyda mosques, Turkish baths, and the continent's longest shopping street. There are also the mansions of the Dutch architecture and lush Victorian-era buildings in old neighborhoods. Cape Town is a starting-point of one of the most beautiful tour routes in the world, the famous 'Garden Route' leading to the reserves and the Cape of Good Hope.

The north-west of the country is represented by the district province Hauteng and arid plateaus of the Transvaal. It is South Africa’s main historic center, where the most important cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria are located. This is a huge metropolis, which concentrates all the financial, industrial and commercial power of South Africa. The most interesting place here is the building of the old Post Office and the nearby Oppenheimer garden. The famous Central Library is now a museum of the country's history. The so-called 'Market-Fieche' comprises three theaters, an art gallery, restaurants and pubs to everyone’s taste. The largest multi-storey shopping center in Africa, Sandton, is located here, and Market Square is one of the largest markets of the continent. The most modern building in the city is no doubt the Diamond skyscraper. Of special interest is the neo-classical architectural complex Bank City, the Adler Museum of Medicine, the Paleontological Museum, the Planetarium at the entrance to the campus, the Museum of Rock Art in the zoological park.

Durban is one of the largest ports in Africa, popular among tourists from all over the world. It is the richest commercial city and a fashionable resort, famous for its bazaars, golden beaches and the nearby Indian Ocean. Durban is one of the most picturesque cities on the continent.

One of the most remote areas of South Africa is Maputaland, the land of the Tsonga people. This area is known for the world's highest sand dunes and completely unspoiled vast territories. Here are tropical and subtropical climate zones, wet savannah and rainforest, wetlands teeming with life, and river deltas. Almost all kinds of wild animals in South Africa inhabit this area, and tourists are offered excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. To have a memorable ecotour in this area, request one from your tour operator in South Africa.

North West Province is famous for its beautiful natural environment and abundant wildlife, as well as numerous caves, pristine lakes and streams. The local national parks and reserves attract many visitors, and there is also the Sun City entertainment complex, a sort of South African Las Vegas with everything aimed at pleasure.

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