The islands of Sao Tome and Principe are even greener and more untouched by human intervention than the nearby Cape Verde Islands. Apart from that, they are also safer and more beautiful than most of the countries on the African continent. The nature of the islands, except for the vast plantations of cocoa, has retained the same form as in the times before the arrival of man. Picturesque volcanic landscapes with an abundance of rocky cliffs and picturesque capes stretch out into the azure waters of the ocean, resembling the blessed Canary Islands or the exotic Seychelles.

Here one will not come across the bustle and variety associated with the presence of a big number of tourists. Instead, one can get acquainted with the unique culture that is a 'hot' mixture of Creole, African and Portuguese customs and traditions with a light Latin rhythm of life. Snorkeling near pristine beaches or climbing the ancient volcanoes, watching the amazing life of birds are the best ways to spend your time in the islands. Lush jungles, clear water and incredible natural beauty supplemented by the local Portuguese colonial architecture make a vacation here unforgettable for the travelling soul. The lack of developed tourist services only makes the recreation here more extravagant and reduces the prices.

Northern Sao Tome is very beautiful and full of extinct volcanoes that look like huge pillars. Some of them exceed 600 m in height, emerging straight from the jungle. The coast is framed by white sandy beaches and has beautiful and clean water. Sao Tome is a picturesque small town on the northeastern coast of the main island. Lying on the shores of the bay, the city is full of Portuguese colonial buildings and beautifully decorated parks and gardens. The city center is small enough to walk around it during a couple of hours. One should visit the local council, built in the 16th century, and the National Museum in the old Fort San Sebastian.

The old quarter of Santo Antonio is a charming place for hiking, which shows part of the island's history, imprinted in the form of buildings and narrow, shady streets. To the north of the city, there are stunningly beautiful scenes, but, unfortunately, the local beaches are not all suitable for swimming. The northern part of the island seems like the edge of civilization, where magnificent baobabs grow among the picturesque hills and tiny rocky massifs. Poetically named Beach of Seven Waves is one of the best places for sunbathing and swimming on the island.

Exciting beautiful rocks in Bocca de Inferno near the beach are some of the most popular local attractions. You can also make excursions to the coffee and cocoa plantations near the town. The locals are very proud of them and say that they grow the best coffee in the world. Trinidad is also a very nice city on the island of Sao Tome. You can visit the waterfall Kaskades San Nikolaus near Trinidad, or use the place as a starting point for hiking around the island.

Principe is a very small island. Since visitors are rare on the island, you will attract much attention of the local residents, and their admiration will be guaranteed. San Antonio is the capital of the island, known for its colonial architecture. The city is rather small, and the buildings here seem to be from a fairy tale. All the local hotels are somewhat reminiscent of rustic European hostels, giving San Antonio a very patriarchal and cozy look. There are no special attractions around the city, but the very nature of this place and almost absolute silence, except for the sounds of the ocean's mighty breath create a special atmosphere. Pastime on the beach or in the shade of palm groves, as well as diving and snorkeling to see the attractive unique underwater world of these places can be a magnificent experience never to be forgotten.

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