The official name of the island is St. Barthelemy. However, everyone calls it simply St. Barts. Located close to the islands of St. Martin, Antigua and Anguilla, it is perhaps the most expensive island. It is often called 'Monte Carlo' of the Caribbean Sea. They say that the island was first chosen by the Rockefeller family. Since then and to this day, St. Barts is a refuge for the rich and famous. St. Barthelemy is known for luxurious, trendy, fantastically expensive real estate.

The red roofs of the houses and hotels, luxurious shops, coastal cafes, yachts of the size of 'Star Clipper' boat, the spirit of celebrities, luxury and money are associated with the island of St. Barts making it almost inaccessible for the middle-class relaxation.

Christopher Columbus discovered St. Barts in 1493, but the island for some reason became a French territory, and it is part of French West Indies today, owned by France though located at the distance of about 4.5 thousand miles from Paris.

The island is one of the smallest in the Caribbean, and despite the fact that the number of tourists increases, St. Barts still observes the traditional way of life, clothing and customs. The elegant town of Gustavia is the capital of the island. It was named after the Swedish king Gustav. The city tries to preserve the old look, irrespective of its age.

Steep hills divide the island of St. Barts into a number of separate valleys, one side of which usually faces the sea. All the valleys are different in terms of their topography, flora, population density and the nature of architecture. And all this creates the illusion of much larger space than it actually is.

If you look at the map, you will see that St. Barts is a small island which occupies only 8 square miles. The coastal part consists of 22 beaches of various sizes. All the beaches are protected by coral reefs, and access to them is free and without restrictions. Some offshore areas are declared marine reserves.

St. Barts is an island, where you can just walk around and look at everything around you. Beautiful people, yachts, shop windows, menus, restaurants, the prices of goods. Especially good are luxury yachts. If money is not a problem, then you will enjoy shopping in St. Barts. Luxurious, stylish and exclusive boutiques with the latest clothing, shoes and accessories are everywhere.

If you want to ride around the island, it is best to take a taxi. Usually one travels across the entire island, trying to see every smallest detail: from the airplanes flying right above your head to pretty girls, relaxing on the beach. If you want a romantic dinner with candles and champagne, you can always go to any of the restaurants offering exquisite French cuisine.

In addition, you must walk from the harbor, between the shops, to a small but beautiful Shell Beach. It is situated between the steep hills in a cozy place, which gives the place certain uniqueness. The beach has a restaurant owned by former French tennis player Yannick Noah.

The hotels are expensive in St. Barthelemy. If you want a room for the rich and celebrities, it may cost you from 900 dollars in low season to almost 2,000 dollars in high season. Contact one of the St Bart’s tour operators to make a reservation at better rate.
St. Barthelemy is not a place for family recreation. It is usually chosen by well-to-do people, who want a luxurious vacation in an original place far from overcrowded conventional resorts.

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