The American Samoa Islands were one of the centers of formation of the Polynesian culture, from which proceeded the exploration of numerous islands and atolls in the Central Pacific Ocean. Here one will find some of the legendary original Polynesian islands, retaining considerable importance and independence, even in times of Tongan expansion. By the middle of the 17th century, these exotic islands had been transformed into a major trading center. Much of the early contacts with the Europeans developed into a bloody clash between the newcomers and residents of the islands, so the Samoans earned a reputation of hostile and aggressive warriors.

Tutuila is the main island of American Samoa and the third largest one in the group. Located in the heart of Samoa, it stretches for nearly 31 kilometers from the south-west to north-east, forming slopes and ridges of ancient volcanoes, the highest of which is considered to be long extinct Matafao, the most beautiful is Pioa, and the most ancient is Alava. Quite steep slopes are abundantly overgrown with tropical vegetation, full of ravines and form numerous coves and bays along the entire perimeter of the island. An extensive area by local standards is occupied by the Tafuna Plains on the southwest coast of the island. The coastline of Tutuila is heavily indented with cliffs, wooded islands, headlands and small bays.
The town of Pago Pago is one of the most unique capitals in the world and one of the best natural deepwater harbors in the South Pacific. Pago Pago is actually the collective name of several villages that stretch along the shore of the harbor. The government offices and most commercial establishments are concentrated in the village of Fagatogo. The capital is a quite fascinating mix of shabby houses and charming buildings in the local style. Pago Pago, like a hundred years ago, is a small settlement with about 4,500 inhabitants, several banks, shops, restaurants, a museum with an excellent collection of ancient Samoan subjects of arts and crafts, and a large number of different agencies.

A vast and perfectly sheltered harbor of Pago Pago remains the major attraction of the capital. The historic city of whalers, Leone, is surrounded by several ancient archaeological sites, which include stone quarries in the hills above the city and a few burial places of the Polynesian tribes. In the city, one will see the noteworthy traditional Polynesian meeting house and a small but very picturesque cathedral.
Another nice island is Aunuu, 'the most Polynesian village of Samoa'. It is widely known for its Red Lake, which is the crater of an extinct volcano. Tiny and quiet Aunuu is a quite easily accessible alternative to the chaos of Pago Pago. In the eastern part of the island, there is a sleepy village of Tula, with a nice sandy beach, framed by almost gray volcanic rocks, lying a little farther out to sea. High cliffs and numerous hiking trails coexist here with beaches and a reef wall, protruding from the water during low tide.

The main attractions of this region are the picturesque bay called Vatia, volcanic peaks in the heart of the national park, rocky Polar Island, Forbidden Bay, which is one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific, and the picturesque Aasu village.

Tau Island lies on the east of the Samoan archipelago and is the second largest island of American Samoa. Chau Island is a former part of the historic Manua island empire that had existed in these waters until the 17th century. Tau had been the spiritual capital of Polynesia, until the western colonization approached. The island has many traditionally visited tourist sites, including the tomb of the last supreme ruler of the islands, the sacred Saua site, considered the birthplace of the Polynesian civilization and a kind of Polynesian Eden, and stunning natural attractions such as cliffs, beautiful reefs and excellent beaches.

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