The capital of Panama is a modern, thriving commercial city, which stretches along the Pacific coast, from the ruins of Panama Viejo to the coast of the Panama Canal. The city was founded as the first Spanish colony on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, so it is full of buildings of the old Spanish colonial architecture. Many of the houses are skilful reconstructions, as the old city has often been subjected to earthquakes and many pirate sieges. Now it is a city of skyscrapers, parks, and magnificent historical monuments. It is home to nearly half of the population and hosts government and most of the commercial offices.

The square tower Catedral Viejo, the University, the massive walls and fortifications built to defend the city against pirate raids, the monasteries of Santo Domingo and San Francisco, San Jose Church, the ruins of La Merced monastery, King's Bridge, as well as several churches of the 17th century are among the main attractions of the city that have survived surprisingly well. Right in the heart of the old quarters, on Plaza Mayor, there stands the building of the Historical Museum of Panama Viejo. In 1997, the old part of the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old district of San Felipe, also known as Casco Antico, is the most picturesque and historically interesting part of the Panama City. This is the area of endangered colonial grandeur, striking architecture and ancient traditions. A lot of the most interesting historic buildings in the capital as well as some excellent museums are concentrated here.

The new part of the city was built in the 19-20th centuries and continues to be built up intensively. The main attractions here are the Plaza de Francia, the courthouse, the modern street Paseo de las Bovedas, the Church of San Jose with its magnificent 'golden altar'. Of great popularity are also the Presidential Palace, the newly restored National Theatre, the church and monastery of San Francisco, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Biological Diversity with a park and an aquarium nearby. The Panama Botanical Gardens are home to more than 15,000 species of plants.

Panama Canal is perhaps the most famous attraction of the country and one of the most extensive and intense artificial waterways in the world. Although Panamanians strongly emphasize that their country has 'a lot more than just a channel,' its role in the life of the country can not be overestimated. The area around ​​the channel is a convenient place to purchase goods from around the world. Here one will find an abundance of shopping centers, where the prices are low and taxes are virtually absent.

Taboga is a charming and historic island, which lies to the south of Panama City and is better known as the 'Island of Flowers'. Taboga is famous for its beaches, which open the view at the walls of the old American military bunker, the small church of Taboga, that is considered one of the oldest in Latin America, and a small area of tropical rain forest.

Before the Spanish arrived in this land, it had been covered with dense forests and had been home to the most unusual cultures of the continent. And it is here that the conquistadors encountered fierce resistance from the Indians, led by chief Urraca, whose profile now adorns the coin in a centavo. In the course of many years of incessant warfare the Indians were defeated and either assimilated or resettled in barren highlands, where their descendants still live. The tourist attractions of the mountainous region include the highest point of the country, Volcano of Chiriqui, the National Park Volcan Baru, the widely known outside the country Ecological Reserve of La Amistad, the Alpine village of Cerro Punta, the idyllic town of Bouquet and the orchid farm in Los Vernaderos.

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