The word 'Micronesia' means 'small islands' and exactly reflects the essence of this island country. Despite the fact that the island is firmly tied to the economic and political interests of the United States, Micronesia is very proud of its past. The ancestors of Micronesians crossed the Pacific long before Europeans in their canoes. The islands have some of the world's best conditions for diving, surfing and snorkeling, and are considered a potential international center for beach holidays and water sports. The waters around the islands are full of many fascinating forms of marine life. There are many types of hard and soft corals, anemones, fish, dolphins and shellfish, including giant clam. Large herds of whales annually pass through these waters. Several species of sea turtles lay their eggs on these shores, and the islanders are allowed to use tortoise meat and eggs for food. The islands are also famous for more than 200 species of sea birds.

Kosrae Island is one of the least spoiled and least developed areas in Micronesia, quiet and laid-back place that retains the aura intact. The islands are famous for their volcanic origin, the wild rainforests, ancient barrier reefs and a beautiful coastline, which is formed by a combination of sandy beaches and mangrove swamps. The islanders still show a friendly interest to visitors and are happy to see tourists. The impressive ancient ruins on the nearby island of Lelu date back to the 14th century, when Kosrae was a regional power. The massive royal castle and the town were destroyed, but the remaining ruins still give the power and majesty of the ancient settlement, which can be realized only after many hours of traveling through the dense jungle, needed for this.

Lelu Hill, the highest point of the island, has a cluster of caves and tunnels used by the Japanese during World War II. The island has completely pristine coral reefs near the shore, which are suitable for diving and easily accessible by boat. In the south, there is a good place to dive, Hiroshi Point, which is famous for its beautiful soft corals and schools of sharks. The island of Pohnpei, with its lush jungle hillsides and flowering hibiscus, has the most typical image of South Island. The main and largest island in Micronesia, it is framed by picturesque bays and narrow peninsulas. The coastline of the island is formed by tidal beaches and mangroves, but there are many small islands with beautiful beaches in the lagoon between the island itself and the surrounding reefs.

The main town of the island, Colonia, is relatively large by the standards of the island town, and it still retains a picturesque provincial character. The small town of Palikir is the capital of Micronesia. Pohnpei Airport and most hotels and restaurants of the island are located in Colonia. The ancient stone city of Nan Madol lies on nearly 100 artificial islands off the southeast coast of Pohnpei. It is the best archaeological site of Micronesia. Nan Madol was built of huge blocks of basalt in the 13th century. Nan-Duvas is the largest, still standing part of the city, the outside walls of which reached a height of 8 meters and contained tombs from the inside. Many of the temples, storehouses and reservoirs in Nan Madola were destroyed, but the legendary city still has great dramatic effect. The most famous natural monument of Pohnpei is a picturesque basalt rock Sohes Rock, which resembles a human face.

Most people have already adopted Western-style clothing, but in everyday life practically all, especially children, wear bright colored loincloths, and some of the women wear only skirts woven from fibers of the leaves of hibiscus. Micronesian atoll residents are very friendly, making it a perfect place to relax or to spend some time doing just walks around the coast, searching for seashells and playing with the children of the island.

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Micronesia, Country of Small Islands