Mauritius is often associated with beautiful beaches, the warm sea, the sun, and exciting fishing. The capital of the island is Port Louis, where one can visit the Governmental Palace built in colonial style, the Natural History Museum, which exhibits the dodo bird, the symbol of the island. On weekends, one can even visit the horse races at the Champ de Mars.

Mauritius Travelers Paradise

The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, was named after French King Louis XV. This beautiful city has maintained the flavor of the past. All the streets have French names, and the houses still remember the splendor of the 18th century. Walking through the living quarters, one can see oriental minarets of Muslim mosques and Hindu temples. But the most famous attraction in Port-Louis is a unique market where one can observe smiling faces, colorful characters, baskets full of vegetables, kitchen utensils, and succulent exotic fruits.

In the Domaine de Pai estate, which is located in the mountains, you can travel by mini train, drive a jeep through the mountains, taste the local rum and dine in one of the restaurants. The Botanical Garden is famous for its centuries-old plants, palms, lilies and other great miracles. The central part of the island is a magnificent colonial mansion, Evreka.
In the east, there is a wonderful Maeberg village situated near the Domain du Chasse, a magnificent nature reserve for hunting with a variety of animals, including deer, monkeys, wild boar and many birds. In the southern part of the island, dominated by hills, one can see sacred Grand Bassin Lake, the famous place of pilgrimage of Hindus.

The town of Chamarel is interesting from the point of view of geology; it is known for multi-colored soil. The southern coast of the island is not protected by reefs, and is open to constant winds, as a contrast to the calm northern beaches. The tourists are attracted by the majestic Gris Gris cliffs and Rochester waterfalls.

Mauritius is a decent place for scuba diving: clear water, beautiful underwater world of coral islands and natural aquariums. Quiet lagoons and sandy coves are protected from the open ocean, and the third largest barrier reef in the world is located here. The coral reefs of Mauritius are inhabited by almost all kinds of tropical fish in the Indian Ocean. To the west of the island, one can see a lot of lobsters during night diving in Albion reefs. At the eastern coast, there are a lot of sunken ships at the bottom of the sea. All the local luxury hotels have a special team of professional divers, as well as a complete set of equipment that can be rented.

Mauritius has a lot of interesting places to visit, such as Trou Aux Cerfs, the volcanic crater from where one can get a panoramic view of the island. Black River mountain is the highest point of Mauritius, with waterfalls and splendid views. A five minute drive from Port-Louis will take you to the mountain range, where the national park Domaine les Pailles stretches over the area of 300 acres. This is a complex of natural attractions, restaurants, conference halls and casinos. In the south of the island, in the heart of pristine forest, there is a farm where crocodiles are bred.

Rodrigues Island is considered one of the best places in Mauritius. This island is a dream for the lovers of untouched nature. The island is surrounded by lagoons and reefs. It is a great place for divers, and its hills and valleys attract the attention of fans of cycling.

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