The Maldives are considered some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Located just to the south/southwest of India, the Maldives consists of several beautiful atolls that offer tremendous ocean views, gorgeous beaches and a warm, tropical climate.

The Maldives are also a burgeoning tourist destination as more families are taking a Maldives holiday now that ever. Despite the expense that some may incur when flying to the islands, there is a way to actually save a little money and get the most out of your trip by taking advantage of Maldives guest houses.

What is a Maldives Guest House?

Essentially, it is a house that caters to your needs as an individual, couple, family or group that is similar to a “bed and breakfast” concept in the United States. Instead of staying at a large, expensive Maldives resort, you can instead use the services of a guest house which features plenty of amenities while offering a low-cost way to spend your vacation.

Guest houses are a trending business in the Maldives and serves as a low-budget alternative to the more expensive luxury hotels that dot the islands. Featuring affordable, comfortable accommodations, staying at a Maldives guest house makes perfect sense for those who want to save money and still enjoy the best the islands have to offer.

The Maldives Guest House Advantages

There are a number of reasons why you should consider staying at a comfortable guest house rather than a larger, more expensive resort hotel.

Location: There simply is not a “bad” spot for any guest house in the Maldives. The unique nature of this collection of islands means that everywhere you look is a spectacular view and experience. The overall nature of the country and the location of the guest houses are simply unmatched anywhere in the world.

Comfort & Security: Staying in a guest house in the Maldives is certainly a unique experience, which is why the emphasis is made on security and comfort during your time in the country. The fact that virtually all of the guest houses are located on spectacular beaches is usually more than enough reason to feel comfortable about the Maldives guest house experience.

Amenities: The guest houses in the Maldives are geared towards making you as comfortable as possible. This is why they offer many amenities inside each house that is designed to help you feel just like you were at home. Well, a home with a spectacular ocean view or with many wonderful things to do at least.

Popular Maldives Guest Houses

What follows are a number of guest houses on the Maldives that have proven themselves to be some of the best places to spend your Maldives holiday. Each has its own unique characteristics while offering wonderful activities for your family. The following locations are all managed by HeyMaldives Affordable Guest House.

Blue Leaf Maldives at kudahuvadhoo island: The perfect place for the family to stay as the accommodations is just right for adults and children. You can take a day trip to a resort and enjoy the amenities they offer, take a fishing excursion and take advantage of a trip to the sand bank as well. However, this particular package does offer a private island trip as well, making your stay even more memorable.

Daravandhoo stay: here, you can take a day visit to a luxury resort and enjoy fishing, a trip to the beautiful sand bank and visit the lovely Hanifaru Bay which was recently visited by National Geographic News for its wondrous beauty and stunning ocean views. It helps that a complete package to the Daravandhoo includes a cheap domestic flight to save you even more money.

Mathiveri Inn: The perfect stay for couples who are on their honeymoon, the Mathiveri Inn offers scuba diving, water sports, fishing trip and bikinis are allowed. However, many couples will want to take advantage of the private island trip to fully enjoy their honeymoon on this private island stay.

Rasdhoo Inn: Another beautiful location offering plenty of activities including a fishing trip, snorkeling, diving and water sports. Plus, there is a private island trip where bikinis are allowed, making this a wonderful stay for couples looking to get away from it all.

Serene Sky Guest House: This beautiful house offers plenty of attractions for those looking to expand on their Maldives holiday adventures. You can take advantage of the scuba diving, water sports, manta watching and even taste some of the delicious fruit and vegetables growing on Thoddoo Island. Bikinis are allowed on Thoddoo Island and you can enjoy the best green island in the Maldives all while staying at the Serene Sky Guest House.

Dhigurah Inn: For those who want to enjoy getting up close and personal with whales, this is the perfect trip to take for your Maldives holiday adventure. There is whale watching and even a photo session with whales and sharks, too. You can also catch the many fish available in these waters and enjoy your stay at Dhiguarh while wearing a bikini as well. This is certainly one of the most interesting travel packages of any guest house in the Maldives.

Varuvaa Boutique: Here, you can find the best in fishing and snorkeling while enjoying your vacation in the Maldives. The Varuvaa is perfect for families and there is even a private island trip as well to add to the adventure. This is certainly one of the best guest houses in the Maldives for families and those who want to get the most out of their holiday.

For those who are interested in staying at one of these locations, they are all managed by heyMalvdives and you can check through them about any questions or recommendations about which type of resort is best for you and your family.

The guest houses in the Maldives certainly offer plenty of adventure for those who love this island group. Featuring all the amenities that you would find at larger Maldives resort locations for a much lower price, staying at one of these guest houses is arguably the best way to enjoy your Maldives vacation.