One of the most ancient states of the continent, Malawi is situated in the south-east of Africa. The country lives under the slogan 'Unity and Freedom'. It has gone through a long history from the Neolithic period to the present day, having gone through colonization, the struggle for independence, dictatorship, armed conflicts, and poverty. The major cities in the country include the capital of Lilongwe and the commercial center of Blantyre. Most tourists are drawn to Lake Malawi with its crystal clear waters, surrounded by mountain peaks. Here one can find the largest selection of freshwater fish in the world. The lake is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling, with its excellent sandy beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities: water sports, hiking and visits to local villages.

The attractions of Malawi are closely related to the geographical situation of the country. The life of the state depends almost entirely on the eponymous lake, which has an extremely rich fauna: there are more than 500 species of fish and shellfish. The income in Malawi is extremely low, and the lake supports the locals considerably. Due to this natural abundance, the country is considered a promising destination for tourism development.

For those, who want to combine admiration for the African nature with European comfort, there is Nkat Bay, one of the few cities in Malawi, most equipped for tourists. Beaches, cafes, hotels do not interfere with the city’s Malawian features, and there is a wild forest nearby, which is a paradise for birds.

Many of the lakes, especially Nyasa, have developed enough facilities for water skiing and windsurfing. There are also good conditions for swimming and beach recreation. Nkat Bay on Lake Nyasa is the location of one of the most beautiful beaches in East Africa. This place is very popular as an inexpensive resort, designed and well equipped especially for the Europeans. Gorgeous scenery, easy access to the wooded mountain valleys, well-trodden paths with special huts and camps make this place the best trekking area of ​​the country.

Malawi is rich in beautiful landscapes, unique natural complexes and is especially famous for its flora. Because of the wide range of environments, there are a lot of different kinds of wild flowers. Malawi is particularly known for its orchids, since more than 400 varieties of them have been recorded here.

Lilongwe became the new capital of the country in the late 1960-s. This is a fairly featureless city, which is of limited interest for travelers. Most of the buildings are occupied by modern offices in the New Town or City Centre. This is an area with ministries, embassies, airline offices, travel agencies and shopping centers.

More inspiring is the 'Old City', which lies a few kilometers to the southwest, where you can visit the market, some good restaurants and cafes. The heart of the 'Old City' is a market selling everything from pots and pans to cars and bicycles, from empty plastic containers to fruits, vegetables, and fish. This multicolored and polyphonic place is worth visiting even if you do not intend to buy anything.

The city is also famous for its 'Nature Reserve', which covers 370 acres of local woodland. The park is a wildlife center offering excursions through the forest trails and to the river full of crocodiles. Ornithologists appreciate this park for its variety of tropical birds.
Chizumulu Island is a quite restrained and pleasant place to get acquainted with the life of the local residents. It is often called 'a paradise island' due to its excellent beaches and places for snorkeling scattered around the island.

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