Liberia is a republic in Western Africa. The country's capital is Monrovia. The state was formed in 1822, when the settlers from the United States founded a colony of free people on the coast of the ocean. The land was bartered with local leaders for goods from the United States, which cost a total of $50.

For a long time, the country provided financial assistance to various nations of the world, but the government's economic policy has led to a rather tense situation in Liberia. And in 1980, when the president gave the order to open fire aiming at a crowd of demonstrators, a civil war broke out and lasted until the beginning of the new millennium.
Even the war could not take away the natural wealth of the country, so the attractions of Liberia continue to exist, though are rarely visited by tourists. Thus, Lake Piso was once a major tourist area and a great opportunity for fishing or watching the native population in the fishing village.

Among the attractions of Liberia, one should first of all mention the Sapo National Park, which is one of the largest forests on the continent, still untouched by human hands. The park has no paved roads, so you can only get there on foot. The park became a haven for many species of rare birds and animals, including pygmy rhino.

Monrovia, the capital of the country, stretches along the coast of the ocean and dis issected by numerous bays, lagoons and rocky headlands. The city has several nightclubs, restaurants and bars, centered around the main street. Near the city, there are several good sandy beaches. Despite the fact that some of the settlements in Liberia used to attract tourists, the infrastructure is poorly developed. In Monrovia, there are still several hotels, clubs and restaurants, but the travelers do not tend to visit the city today, fearing for their safety.

Tropical forests of valuable species of trees and a good ocean coast are the main attractions of the country. The Atlantic coastline stretches for almost 600 km, of which more than a half is represented by magnificent sandy beaches. Due to the lack of modern infrastructure, a perfect holiday is rather idealistic here, and many beaches are in disrepair. Swimming and boating are still popular in some parts of the beach sand shores of Liberia. The best areas are Bernard Beach, Elva Beach, Kenema Beach, Kendahe Beach and Cooper Beach. They are quite clean, and all of them even have a small entrance fee. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the country can be found in the Robertsport.

Diving season along the coast of the country lasts from December to May, when the sea is the most transparent, and the climate is quite dry. There are good conditions for fishing in the rivers of St. Paul and Mesurado as well as in Lake Piso. Located not far from Monrovia, Lake Piso is a favorite place for the residents of the capital city. The lake is attractive due to a large spa center and is called an ideal place for fishing and ethnic tourism. The lake has good conditions for water sports. Kpa-Tawe waterfalls are a perfect place for a picturesque weekend.
Guided tours to some of the world's largest Firestone rubber plantations, located not far from the capital, are also of some interest to tourists. Monrovia also has a private golf club and numerous football fields. Liberian football is the national sport; the game is passionately loved by the locals and can be regarded as a kind of local landmark.

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