Kenya is one of the most popular African countries among tourists. Until the middle of the 1960-s, it had been the colony of the British Empire. Nowadays, this country is one of the fastest growing countries in the African continent. Some of the attractions of Kenya have been included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites because of their uniqueness and the importance to the global community. Kenya is also known for the fact that it is literally stuffed with gems and gold, which are also an important part of the country's economy.

Kenya is known for its natural attractions, such as national parks, which allow year-round photo safari and attract tourists from all over the world. The most famous of the parks include Masai-Imara. The park is located in a classic African savannah with green thickets, streams and lakes inhabited by crocodiles. For an additional fee of up to $350 one can fly over the park in a balloon. In the park, one can also visit the villages of the Massana tribe. The park is the famous place for ethnic concerts. Tourists can make photos with the representatives of the colorful African tribes.

From Nairobi, you can go to another National Park, Ambo-Selo, that Hemingway called the 'soul of Africa'. This park reserve is located on the border with Tanzania, not far from the highest African mountain, Kilimanjaro, the symbol of the African continent. During the visits to national parks one can not drive up too close to animals. Hunting is strictly prohibited. It is not recommended to turn from the road and get out of the car. This can be done only in designated areas.

The sights of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, include the Clock Tower in the heart of the city, a modern business center, the Houses of Parliament with the mausoleum of the first president of Kenya, the National Archives, the Indian quarter, with dozens of magnificent Hindu temples, and many mosques and Orthodox churches, the Railway Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology with a luxurious exhibition.

In Mombasa, the travelers are primarily interested in the old town house in the Arabic style, the Portuguese fortress of Fort Jesus, the summer residence of the President of Kenya, as well as the Mzima Springs oasis. The modern sea port in Mombasa is the second largest African port after Cape Town.

Among the natural attractions, one can proudly name 62 national parks with a fantastic world of wildlife. All the beauty of magnificent African landscapes and its wildlife will impress the visitors and leave a lasting and unforgettable impression. Visiting the parks, you can immediately see many natural wonders and feel the spirit of true Africa.

No less interesting are the places, such as Canyon Ngulia, Mzima springs and the Tsavo River. On its banks, huge flocks of birds, herds of antelope, buffalo and other animals have found their shelter. These are perhaps some of the most important wildlife sites in East Africa. Be sure to visit Naivasha, a beautiful freshwater lake in Kenya. It occupies the area of about 170 square kilometers and is surrounded by mountains, where the extinct volcanoes are home to more than 450 species of birds.

Kenya's service sector is the main source of income for the country’s economy. The tourism infrastructure is rapidly developing here, and the state is striving to become the continent’s major recreation hub. Due to the numerous coastal beaches, national parks and game reserves, this aim seems quite attainable.

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