Drool & Drown in the Festivals

Well, if you wish to know how exotic the city of Kochi is on the inside and outside, then make sure you visit this amazing Keralite city during the fests, by booking tickets to Kochi from UK. Apart from the local festivals, the city also lights up during Diwali and Christmas.

Kochi also has its share of traditional festivals which is planned and celebrated in an amazing way. During these festivals, the locals wear their ethnic dresses, decorate homes and performs several rituals in a folk form. Each of these festivals offer you a glimpse of the customs and traditions of the South Indian culture. Some festivals are jovial and some are celebrated with solemnity and rituals.

The Onam Festival

During August and September, the Onam Festival found its mythological roots in Kochi, and this is Kerala's most exorbitant festival. During the festival, the State machinery is shut for a week and everyone, regardless of their caste or religion, celebrate it in a grand way. The delicious Onam feast is a combination of 24-28 dishes, that is served as part of a single meal on a large banana leaf. The other activities apart from the feast, include parades, boat race, games and also exciting shopping events. Book tickets to India from London and avail special flight deals and offers to save your hard-earned money.

The Cochin Carnival

The whole State of Kerala waits anxiously for this carnival. Held in the last week of December, the carnival is held at Fort Kochi, which is decorated like a bride for the tourists. The preparations begin by hosting games, fairs, parties, fancy dress competition and processions.

The Indira Gandhi Boat Race

This is vibrant and colourful festival, which is a combination of sports and festival held every year. This festival is organized at the last week of December, at the backwaters of the city of Cochin. The boat race is so thrilling, that visitors and media from all over the country come to view them with flights to India. The streamlined boats are the highlight of the race and watching them zoom by, is spellbinding.

Malayatoor Perunal Festival

Every year, in the month of March and April, the festival of Malayatoor Perunal is organized and celebrated at a Catholic Church, which is atop a hill in the city of Malayatoor. This is also one of the major festivals, drawing devotees from around the planet. You can see pilgrims from every faith walking uphill, chanting the names of the Apostles. Tourists book tickets to Kochi and come here in search of spiritual happiness and satisfaction.

Jewish Festivals

In Kochin, there is a large community of Jews and hence, they have their share of festivals throughout the year. Festivals such as the Passover Festival is celebrated in March and April, the festival of Pentecost which is celebrated after the Passover, the Feast of Tabernacles which is celebrated with lots of frivolities, the Jewish New Year is celebrated with gratitude and peacefully and Hanukkah or the Festival of Light, which is another vital festival that is celebrated with full gusto. With a few Jewish festivals down the line, the Jews in Kerala do not feel isolated from their homeland. You can witness these celebrations with flights to Kochi from any major airport of London.

Chandanakudam festival

Quite a tongue-twister, isn't it? This festival begins with a procession where hundreds of pilgrims carry earthen pots, filled with coins and decorated with sandal paste. The festival takes place at the mosque of Kanjiramattom and the major draw of the festival is the Chandanakudam ritual.

With flights from London to Kochi, visitors will be at awe to see elephants so wonderfully decorated and various Muslim arts. The roots of this festival go back to 500 years, when traders and oversea settlers came and docked at the shores of Kerala. Till then, the people celebrate this with reverence, humbleness and prayers.