Enjoy a farm-stay

Feel the real flavour and atmosphere of Punjab in Amritsar, not in a hotel, but in a farm stay among the mustard and wheat fields. Enjoy organic elements and watch nature in all its glory with flights to India. Right from the farm you can head towards a stunning site, the Jallianwala Bagh that reminds of 2000 people who were slaughtered in 1919. At the site, you can witness bricks that bear the bullets marks that were fired.

The Golden Temple

It's time for some lip-smacking food. How about some 'Guru Ka Langar' at the marvellous Golden Temple. Situated among a huge premises of the gurudwara, the inner part consists of the Amrit Sarovar, which is visited by several devotees all through the day.

The Guru Ka Langar is a conjoint canteen that offers free meals. Around 20,000 people come and eat every day and the number of people goes up to 100,000 during celebrations.

Shopping Time

If you crave for some retail therapy, while strolling at the local markets, you can find your way towards Hall Bazaar and Lawrence Road. With tickets to Amritsar, look out for some kingly shoes and clothes to add to your wardrobe.

Sampling some amazing Amritsari delights is every individuals desire and leaving the city without indulging in the culinary offers is definitely not fair. Among the renowned dishes, you can relish thalis, stuffed parathas, chola bathura and lassi topped with rich cream.

If you're staying at a farm, you can enjoy some authentic Punjabi folk music and the energetic Bhangra dance.


Soak up the Lush Environment

Your stay at the farms will be topped with some serene natural beauty. With London to Amritsar flights from UK, enjoy lying down under the shade of a tree and read a book. You can try riding on a tractor and work on the fields. Take a walk through the fields and sneak into a nearby village. Truly, farm stays offer an exciting experience.

Amritsar is just 31 miles from Pakistan and Wagah is a tiny village on the Pakistani soil. Every evening around 5 PM, there is a spectacle that should not be missed.

With the beating of the drums, the changing of the guards take place. The soldiers from both the countries march in unison and display a passion for patriotism and the crowd giving shouts of freedom.

Durgiana Temple (Lakshmi Narain Temple)

Bearing a close resemblance to the architectural style of The Golden Temple, the Durgiana Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga, which can be explored with flights to Amritsar. It is also built in the midst of a water tank and is referred to as the Silver Temple because of its silver doors.

After the ceremony it will be time for some more Amritsari food. Why not head towards Surjit Chicken House near Lawrence Road? As the city is a land of food, you will be excited to encounter all kinds of people.


Breakfast at Bharawan Da Dhaba

The next morning, wake up to an aroma of some amazing breakfast and head towards Bharawan Da Dhaba. This terrific restaurant offers top-class north Indian food. Most people try the stuffed parantha, topped with ghee. It is surely out of the world and full of calories. But, do not care for that!

Again Shopping Time

Amritsar is famous for its Phulkari works, Jutis, Papads and Wadiyas which you might love to pick from any local shop. Do carry a big bag or a suitcase while travelling to India with India flights, to carry all these things back to grace your home or to gift someone. You can visit Raunaq Jutis at the Hall Gate. Other markets that require a glance, are: Katra Jaimal Singh, Katra Sher Singh and Katra Aluhwalia and also Guru Bazaar.

Paul Kanjri

This bewitching and magical land site is based on one of the many fables from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s time. The story states that a juvenile Muslim dancer, from Lahore, was on her way to dance at the Maharaja’s Baradari. Her sandal fell into the water channel on the way. The piqued dancer refused to dance until a pul (bridge) was built, hence the place became popular as Paul Kanjri