You will surely agree that India Incredibly different. There is nothing quite like India! A mammoth assemblage of ancient history that unites this diverse continent just by a thread, is extremely intriguing for first timers as well as for the returning travellers with flights to India.

Barren deserts, lofty peaks, magnificent temples, flourishing markets, charming villages, developed cities, impressive history, vibrant modernism, bustling crowd and unexplored places that one cannot imagine! India is surrounded with all of this, and so much more still to be explored. Do not try to absorb it all, let it gradually permeate into your skin.

Whether you are planning a budget trip for the first time with tickets to India, or returning to this wonderful country with your family, every turn and experience will spellbind you. Travelling to India reveals a nation that is exotic and mystical, but at times it becomes wonderfully frustrating and confusing. You just need to stay calm with a smile and let India open up its glorious petals.

The Irresistible Local Cuisine

Cuisine plays a grand part in revealing the true essence, lifestyle and cultural features of a place. This is very much true especially for India. With a wide range of budget gastronomic delights, aroma and taste, when it comes to the most exotic dishes of India, it important that you give your stomach sometime to consume the spicy as well as the non-spicy delicacies.

Once you are accustomed to the variety of dishes, you can try out different things. Believe me, India has millions of mouth-watering dishes ranging from the tasty street food to the opulent 5-star delicacies.

Dress Modestly

Apart from the cuisine of a particular country, it is vital to respect the culture and traditions too, especially when it comes to appropriate dressing. The general and common rule is, as you step into India, make sure your legs, shoulders and knees are well covered. This is taken more seriously, while visiting a religious place or a spiritual gathering.

Do check in the requirements while visiting one of the sacred places or temples in India. With flights from London to India, if you wish to shop for something more authentic, there plenty inexpensive markets where you can pick and bargain clothes of your choice.

Get a Good Bargain

If you have done some homework, or enquired about India, you may have heard about shop vendors and drivers charging exorbitant amount of money as well as taking you for longer rides and charging more.

If you get into such a situation or even trying to book something, its wise to negotiate the price beforehand and settle on something convenient and reasonable. Keep your ears and eyes open when you confront such people or engage in shopping. Above all, keep your valuables safe and look out for any mishaps.

Being Flexible is the Keyword

You might have come across the phrase, 'May the odds be always in your favour', in the acclaimed Hollywood movie 'The Hunger Games'. If you enjoy planning and packing for a trip, you will surely enjoy every aspect till you get back home from a tour or a holiday. You never know at which bend and curve, something odd might happen and mess up your plans and mood.

This is quite real in India, with the traffic, cattle and flat tyres, you have to deal with something quite odd. Do not expect plans to go according to your plan. With last minute flights to India, embrace the bizarre and enjoy the trip while you are there.

The Stomach is Affected

No matter how safely and hard you try, at some point your stomach might get upset and unhappy with the food you fed it with. As you adjust yourself to the food, it is likely that you will fall sick. But this should not hinder your trip with London to India flights. The food here will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. So do not let your fear keep you from having that awe-inspiring experience. We as Indians keep facing it. Just store up some medicine in case your digestive system get restless.

Book tickets to India online and explore India, which is full of amazements and drawbacks. If you are the kind of person who loves to step out of the comfort zone and experience new things, then do not be doubtful, you will love everything, everywhere here. Keep an open mind, visit new places and meet new people. India has it all, keep your head high and you will never regret it ever.