YouTube downloading services such as Download YouTube Music work by extracting video and audio content from YouTube videos and providing users with the ability to save these files on their devices. Here's a basic overview of how these services function:
Music Download from Youtube

URL Extraction: Users start by copying the URL of the YouTube video they want to download. This URL contains the unique identifier for the video.

Parsing and Processing: The YouTube downloader service takes the URL and parses it to identify the video. It extracts metadata, such as the video's title, duration, and thumbnail image.

Video and Audio Extraction: The service then fetches the video and audio streams associated with the video. YouTube videos are typically stored in various formats and qualities. Download services often allow users to choose the desired video quality.

Conversion: If the user wants to download only the audio (e.g., as an MP3 file), the service can convert the video's audio stream into the selected format.

Download: The downloader provides the user with a link to download the video or audio file. Users can click on this link to initiate the download to their local device.

Storage: The downloaded files are stored on the user's device, typically in their designated download folder.

Playback: Users can then play the downloaded video or audio on their device without requiring an internet connection.

It's important to note that downloading copyrighted content from YouTube without permission may infringe on copyright laws, and the terms of service of YouTube explicitly prohibit such actions. Users should be aware of the legal implications and ethical considerations when using YouTube downloading services. Additionally, the availability and functionality of these services can change over time due to YouTube's own policies and technological updates.