Are you looking for a sustainable, delicious, and affordable way to enjoy seafood, oysters and meats? Look no further than GrillFish (! Our restaurant provides the freshest catches from local fisheries and prepares them with unique flavors that tantalize your taste buds. Not only do we support our local economy by buying from local fishermen, but we also have the lowest prices in town. Plus, our customer service is second to none and sets your priorities as our first focus! Come visit us today for an unforgettable seafood experience!
GrillFish Restaurant

Our visitors come to GrillFish to enjoy delicious yet sustainable sea food. Grill Fish is aiming to become your go-to sustainable seafood eatery. We have a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes prepared using only the freshest ingredients. Our menu offers something for everyone, from delectable grilled fish to seafood salads, soups and more. Plus, all of our dishes are sustainably sourced and support local fishing communities. So join us for the best sustainably sourced fish in town and great dining experience!

We are conveniently located to be reached from any part of the town by foot, car or public transportation. You can make a reservation at any time of your convenience and enjoy a good sea cuisine with your company.