Georgia is a unique country with huge tourism potential. About three hundred of mountain and seaside resorts clearly state the country’s possibilities for a meaningful rest, and the Black Sea coast is a popular summer destination. Over ten thousand unique monuments of archeology, history, architecture and art, as well as numerous monuments of nature contribute to Georgia’s international recognition as an important tourist hub of the Caucasian region. On top of that, the country is inhabited by hospitable people, so ancient and rich, as the land itself.

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in the 4th millennium BC, and its name originally meant ‘warm springs’. The historic core of the capital is the Old Town, located at the foot of the mountain and dominated by small stone and brick houses with carved wooden balconies, typical of 'Tbilisi architecture'. Almost all the buildings are historical or cultural monuments, and they create an authentic impresion of the famous 'Georgian courtyard' repeatedly mentioned in literature. In the center of Tbilisi, there are the remains of Narikala fortress and St. Mary's church, which are some of the oldest edifices in the city. The Sioni Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Church of St. David, the pantheon of outstanding statesmen of the country, the legendary Tbilisi sulfur baths, Metechi temple with a monument to the founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasal, Paliashvili Opera House and many other interesting attractions are among the city’s main magnets for tourists.

According to the number of cultural monuments, Tbilisi is one of the richest cities in the world. The best museums of the city include the Museum of Georgian Art, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Folk Architecture, and the Museum of Silk. Numerous theaters and amusement parks offer a splendid quiet rest and cultural enrichment.

Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

Not far from the capital, there is acting Betania Monastery, which is considered one of the finest examples of Georgian church architecture. To the north of the capital, there is Mtskheta, another Georgian cult place and its ancient capital. Here the famous Jvari monastery is located as the symbol of Christianity on Georgian soil. Another attraction of this city is the huge Svetitskhoveli Cathedral restored in the 15th century. The modern church was erected on the site of the first Christian church in Georgia, which had been built in the distant 4th century. The large and well-preserved Hartsvisi Castle is located near the town of Akhalkalaki, in the vicinity of the famous cave city Vardzia. Legend has it that the citadel was taken by Alexander the Great. In the 12th century the castle was revived again, and soon grew to the extent of the city. But then it was destroyed by the Mongols and later came under the power of the Turks.

Gonio Fortress is located to the south of Batumi, near the border with Turkey. Tmogvi is a small castle on a cliff overlooking the Mtkvari River. However, the path leading to the mountain fortress is very dangerous, and the way may take at least an hour.

Kutaisi is one of the most unusual cities in the country. Its interesting picturesque quay, the Historical and Ethnographic Museum, the Paliashvili Museum, the Art Gallery and the famous ruins of the Cathedral of Our Lady create the list of the city’s main sights.

The city of Borjomi is situated in a picturesque valley and is famous for its mineral waters. Borjomi is glorified not only by the excellent natural conditions. It is also known for its cultural attractions, such as the summer residence of the last Russian emperor, Timotes Ubani monastery complex, and a unique Borjomi reserve considered to be a haven for numerous species of flora and fauna and the best place for ecotourism in the Transcaucasia.

Adjara is another popular area in Georgia. Washed by the Black Sea, and located at the foot of the mountain ranges of the Caucasus, this ancient land has a mild subtropical climate and beautiful natural environment.

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