African states are known in the world for their political instability, armed conflicts, low literacy level and widespread poverty. However, there are a number of countries that are quite successful in terms of economy, such as Gabon, one of the most prosperous countries on the continent. This reputation surely contributes to the overall positive impression of the country and its role in the tourist world.

The Gabonese Republic is located on the west coast of Central Africa and shares borders with Congo, Cameroon, and Guinea. Its coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. This hot African country belonged to France in the era of the colonies, but gained independence in 1980.

The capital of Gabon is Libreville, founded by the former slaves, who were freed by French troops from the ship on which they could be transported to Europe. Libreville is a modern city, it is a true landmark of Gabon. Here, tourists should visit the church of Saint-Michel, which attracts with its wonderful architecture and the church songs, accompanied by the national musical instruments. Libreville is one of the most beautiful and civilized cities in Africa that looks like a resort in Miami Beach. Be sure to visit the Museum of Arts and Traditions, which has a magnificent collection of African ceremonial masks.

One of the most beautiful parts of the coast of Gabon is Loango National Park, where tourists can watch rare representatives of African fauna. The park has untouched areas of savanna and humid equatorial forests on its territory. In addition to enjoying nature, tourists will be offered to participate in the jeep safari.

The attractions of Gabon include a wide range of resort casinos, clubs, bars, beautiful beaches. One can make a trip to the villages with indigenous population. It is a great place to try diving, cycling, hiking, organized at the highest level. For those, who wish to rent a boat or ride with an instructor in a canoe, this possibility is represented in many seaside resorts.

Those, who travel to Gabon, must remember that making photos and video of the sites of national importance is banned here. One should also ask for permission to see the ceremony or celebration of the local indigenous population in the villages.

The best beach resorts of the country are located in the area of Pointe-Denis Beach. Here one will find numerous bars, restaurants and sports facilities. In the area of ​​Port Moe, there are centers for water sports and entertainment, providing the full range of services from marine rental boats and yachts to making a trip along the coast in a canoe and windsurfing.

Lambarйnй is famous for its Schweitzer Hospital, a major cultural and scientific center, part of which is occupied by the unique museum of ethnography and missionary work. From Lambarene one can take a river trip to the Lake District.

The District of Cape Lopez is an expensive and luxurious resort by African standards, full of casinos, nightclubs and bars. It is a favorite vacation spot for rich citizens of Gabon and staff representatives of European companies.

Makoko is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains and overgrown pristine forests. Especially popular is rafting in the area of ​​Loa Loa, visiting villages of Pygmies, multi-day tours, and mountain biking. There is also one of the few remaining populations of black African gorilla.

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