The country's culture has been studied quite poorly, but it is worth having a closer look. Historically, it was inhabited at the turn of the millennia by the Carib Indian tribes, which formed a powerful tribal Arawaks conglomeration that covered all of the Lesser Antilles, with their own culture and complex social hierarchy. There are not many historical and cultural attractions in French Guiana. Its main attractions are still the wonderful natural world of the jungle, a lot of distinct peoples and rapidly growing economy. Sometimes the cutting-edge technology of the country contrasts the strikingly old-fashioned appearance of the local towns.

The capital of Guiana is located on the Atlantic coast, in the western part of the small hilly peninsula between the rivers Cayenne and Mahura. The main port and the largest city of the country, its transport and political center, it is considered the personification of the spirit of Guiana and the most picturesque city in the country. The oldest part of the Cayenne is the Place de Grenoble, located in the western part of the city. The majority of public buildings, including the City Hall, the Post Office and the prefecture are concentrated around it. A little closer to the city center, there is the Departmental Fransoni Museum, the Felix Museum and the Museum of Guiana Ebo culture with a good collection of ethnography, local crafts and the notorious penal colony on the island of Île-du-Dyablo. From Seperu fort, founded in the 17th century, one can still get beautiful views of the city, harbor and river. Its ruins make it a worthwhile visit. The brightest square of ​​the capital is Place de Palmistes in the northwestern part of town where there are many street cafes and restaurants. Avenue du Generale de Gaulle is the main commercial street and the main area of ​​'night life' in the capital.

The best beach is located to the south-east of the city, where you can also visit the historic ruins of Fort Diamant, the old colonial sugar mill, as well as the most accessible turtle beach of the country, where hundreds of these sea dwellers lay their eggs from April to July.
Kau District, which lies southeast of Cayenne, is one of the most accessible areas of wild Guiana. It is quite good by local standards, and an extensive network of roads and forest trails make it a comfortable place to travel around. Excessively moist forests and swamps of this region have preserved the diversity of wildlife. The Atlantic coast of South America is almost untouched. Here one can find many species of birds and caimans, and in the rivers and swamps there is fantastic abundance of fish.

Kourou is the most visited place in the country. Located on the west bank of the same river, Kourou has become one of the major space centers around the world. Guiana Space Center is located to the west of Kourou just 500 km north of the equator. There are up to ten space launches per year, each of which collects thousands of tourists in the vicinity of Kourou. The Museum of Space tells about the history of the spaceport.

Devil's Island is the smallest one of the three islands of Ile-du-Salut. These green islands were often regarded as 'paradise on earth.' But later, a terrible criminal colony was opened in the islands. Shark-infested waters made escape almost impossible here, and a hot and sultry climate provided the prisoners with very difficult living conditions. Today, the island's main attractions are the ruins of the prison buildings and wonderful wildlife.

The town of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni was also previously used as a camp for criminals. In subsequent years, this region was inhabited by Maroons, or descendants of runaway slaves, who formed a wonderful culture, famous for its distinctive rites, music and folk-applied products. The city has preserved many picturesque colonial buildings. Here one can also visit the jungle relic of the surrounding areas and villages of the local Indians.

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