India is a treasure trove of tourism and what happens now can really affect the recent future of the country as far as the tourism perspective is to be considered. Here are some interesting stories that we have collected just for you that can change your concept about the country as a whole:

Story 1: In India, night tour is on

Night tours have started in India and as soon as they begun, the popularity is soaring high. It really is exciting to go on a night tour of a place like Jaipur. Jaipur is a colorful and interesting city of Rajasthan. It is vibrant and full of life. It is imperative to say that going for a night tour of the city can provide you with valuable insights about the city which would otherwise remain unexplored for you. Gain access to the royal history of Jaipur in Rajasthan and relax yourself at one of the heritage hotels of the city. Next you can also make short visits to the capital of India, Delhi and the love city of Agra. Do check out Jaipur sightseeing tour by Chetram Voyages.

Story 2: Bagicha Singh, a man who has traveled 5, 80,000 km of India on foot since 1993

You will have goose bumps when you read the story of Bagicha Singh who left his home and his old mother to travel across the country. It was 23 years ago and since then, he has been traveling all over the country to raise awareness against evil. This social worker, as he likes to call himself has a mission in his mind. He wants to get rid of all the social ills of the society like tobacco, sex workers, drugs and alcohol etc that are plaguing the society at present.

Story 3: couple explored India at 500 per day

This is the story of Devapriya Roy and her husband Saurav Jha. Being tied to their nine to five corporate identities, one fine day they decided to quit their jobs and surrender themselves to their passion for traveling. The only constraint they had was money of course. They however took the constraint as a challenge and started living their life on a paltry Rs 500 a day that also included the bed and the food. Now with the enriching experience, they feel, nothing frees the soul like extensive travel without frills.

Story 4: An underwater bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmadabad

Something that has never happened in India before is about to happen. The Indian rail passengers are about to get the thrill of underwater traveling on a bullet train when traveling between Mumbai and Ahmadabad. The 508 km long distance between Mumbai and Ahmadabad will also have long tunnel area of 21 km which will pass under the sea. The project will be funded by Japan and the technology used for the project will also be Japanese.