Amongst regions to visit in Botswana includes the Tuli Block in eastern part of Botswana.The Tuli Block is located on the border of South Africa and depends on timing,requires a road transfer over the border and to the lodge or a chartered flight to Mashatu Airstrip.
Lion's power

The Tuli Block offers a variety of safari options in the area, particularly enjoyed by the adventurous guests who enjoy excercise. Horse safaris as well as cycling safari are very popular.Guests can amongst other things do cultural tours and guided bush walks.
Ready to hunt for the clan on a hot day

There are plenty of safari lodges in the area like the Tuli safari lodge,santhata camps and limpopo horse safaris.
The victim being out muscled

The cultural tour in the area allows the guests to intreact with the locals.In the Tuli block there is a small village called Motlhabaneng.The people in this area lead a different life they mostly rely on farming for survival.The village also has some historical sites and monuments.
Rhino tracking

The Okavango Delta as well is one of the popular tourism destinations in Botswana.It covers about 55,000 square kilometres in size in the sands of the kalahari.One can expect to see more than 400 bird species and more than 200 000 mammals.Animals to be seen here include the hippos,elephant,lions and zebras amongst others.
Zebras on alert

The other is Chobe National park which covers about 11,700 square kilimetres.Activities here range from game drives,fishing and boat cruises.

Then the Central Kalahari game reserve here expect to interact with the San.These people live in the wild and survive by gathering wild fruits and hunting.They also perform their cultural and religious rituals which is interesting to the visitors.

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