Travelling to Bhutan in any season will provide you an amazing and the most unique photographic experiences you could imagine.

Bhutan is an idyllic travel destination and one of the top global ecological hotspots, a must visit for every amateur as well as veteran, professional photographer.

There is much to see and enjoy in the remote Himalayan kingdom and so much more to capture in still pictures: varied cultures, colours and traditions reflected in its crafts and textiles, festivals, food, architecture and people. You just need a keen eye to see the country’s beauty and splendour.

Many local tour operators have their own planned photography tours and they will take you to the designated photography sites at the most befitting hours to capture one still that would be etched in memory for all times to come.

If you are an ardent photographer, you will be taken to wonderful locations that will inspire you to a totally new take on photography. Photographers will love every moment of their time in Bhutan.

Here are some of the subjects that could prove a photographer’s delight in Bhutan:

Bhutan amazing landscapes

From the verdant, broad-leafed forests in the southern foothills to the temperate, rolling hills of the central region and finally to the alpine scrubs in the northern mountains, Bhutan’s amazing landscape and vegetation provide a plethora of subjects to any photographer who wants to capture the country’s rich flora, fauna and breaktaking scenery.

Rural lifestyle

Bhutan’s rural backwaters are a place where you can capture the most authentic Bhutanese way of life: farmers planting paddy, children with rosy cheeks and unkempt clothes smiling their toothy smiles and old folks spinning prayer wheels. The eastern and central regions that are less developed are unexplored as compared to west but life here vividly captured can make for some of the best photographs you can take back home.


Ancient heritage sites like dzongs, monasteries and lhakhangs are beautiful subjects for photography. It gives insight into Bhutan’s rich spiritual and secular history. It is to be noted that Bhutan’s ancient buildings were built without prior planning or modern engineering.


Tshechus or annual festivals held in every dzongkhag annually as part of Bhutanese festivities sing of colors, symbolism and rituals. The masked dancers and the audience dressed in their finest attire are not to be missed if you are contemplating photography in Bhutan.


Bhutan is a deeply spiritual Buddhist nation. The monasteries, stupas, religious institutions, prayer flags and prayer wheels all point toward this. The role of religious ceremonies and rituals is another testimony of Bhutan’s spiritual depth. Bhutan is a small country that offers big photographic opportunities. Visit little Bhutan for big experience!