The special appeal of Djibouti consists in the fact that it is a rather rarely visited country. Unforgettable is the sunrise on the shore of the desert lakes inhabited by flamingos. The black lava fields and fantastic natural volcanic formations, common to the area of the Great African Rift, deliver the hot steam and volcanic gases onto the surface. Endless barren plains of the 'Martian landscapes' can be seen on this tiny part of the African land. And at the same time, there are quite ordinary beautiful uninhabited parts of the coastline and the magnificent underwater world of coral reefs of the Red Sea that make snorkeling and diving in these places an incredibly attractive occupation.

The country practically consists only of the port city of Djibouti. Djibouti is a beautiful capital city, and the largest city in this country, located in an amazing and beautiful place that bears the name of the Afar Triangle. This area is known for the hottest desert across the globe. Djibouti is built below sea level, surrounded by lava fields and the long-extinct volcanoes. Due to the very dry climate, as well as its specific location, the capital is always dusty and very hot.

The main sights of the capital include the Presidential Palace and the Central Market. The majority of buildings in the city have the typical features of the colonial style. Central Market is the attraction of Djibouti, which is a must for foreign tourists. Located to the south of downtown, it attracts foreigners, primarily because it is one of the best places to buy different kinds of goods, from seafood to exotic fruits. Walking around the town, one will thoroughly examine the beauty of Djibouti, its magnificent theater, called L'Escale, as well as the marina, which is considered one of the best in the world. Here you can listen to traditional music and dancing. Also, the city has a community theater, called 'Saline'. One should visit the Tropical Aquarium of Djibouti and walk past the Presidential Palace.

Ali Sabeh is an exotic desert land, a large salt plain and a kind of paradise for 'sand surfing'. On the way from Djibouti to Ali Sabeh the motorway crosses two unique, perfectly flat desert plains - Petit Vara and Grand Bara, which serve as a 'stadium' for windsurfing on wheels. The lakes of the country are rather unusual natural formations. Lake Assal lies below sea level and is surrounded by dormant volcanoes and black lava fields. Some of these lakes are called 'pits of demons' by the locals.

People, who love beach holidays, will be delighted by the spacious beaches of the city. In Djibouti, there are many beaches, mostly picturesque and secluded. Underwater divers will appreciate the bewitching beauty of coral reefs and crystal clear sea water. The best beaches near the city are Dorale and less accessible Khor Ambado, where you can easily rent a boat and sail to the nearby protected islands of Mascali and Mush. In the Gulf of Aden and in the vicinity of Bab el Mandeb Strait one can also find spectacular coral reefs. They are the dream of every diver, but are considered rather complicated and dangerous for diving because of the peculiarities of local currents. This is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world due to the unfortunate reputation of the Bab el Mandeb Strait, where from 1,500 to 6,000 shipwrecks took place.

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